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I've been up to quite a bit of creativity this week which means I think I have got my creativity mojo back... hooray!

I have been working on a new screen print design... my little planes which I made a stamp of the other week - here - from this design - here! I really loved how the stamped design turned out on that t-shirt, so I decided to make a screen print of that design!

I cut out the stencils - I've cut out two stencils because I also planning to do multiple colour planes at a later stage.

:: stencil cutting

I decided to do white planes on a blue t-shirt as a practice one! I used Supercoat White by Permaset fabric paint which is used when if you want to print on dark fabrics (it's more opaque). I haven't really used the supercoat much, as it has been tricky beast for me to concur! But I think I have finally cracked it... woo hoo :) I did stuff up the top plane a little bit (not that you can really notice) but luckily it is a practice one and I know what I did wrong!

:: screen printing

:: white planes screen print

:: my little man didn't want to pose,
so he made a silly face :)

Anyway, I am so pleased with how the t-shirt turned out.. it looks so cute! I will be doing a few more of these I think! :)

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Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. This is awesome, I really, really, really, really (I think you get the idea...) like it!

    Such a cute, clean, effective design.

  2. it looks fantastic!
    great to hear you are back in the creative swing :)

  3. It's fabulous, lamina. Really, really fabulous!

  4. It looks fantastic, love the design!

  5. I really like your design too - perfect for little boys!

  6. how awesome did that turn out. I think you should make it for grown ups :)

  7. I love the kites Lamina :)
    I was actually thinking the other day that a kite fabric would look amazing but never thought to print it myself.


  8. nice and sharp. Looks great and the little fella looks mighty pleased with it!

  9. it's so cute, as is your little boy! thanks for your comment over on my blog, the images for the paper city are from here

    i used some of the paris ones and then did my own drawings in a similar style of the buildings near where we live. easy, but heaps of fun.x

  10. This is so great, it would make a great repeat for a fabric design!

  11. Another great t-shirt design- I love it! You come up with such great boy designs, which are so often difficult to find!
    Oh and Yay for getting your creative mojo back :-)

  12. I love it!

    Such a great design!

  13. It looks great! I think little boy blue will be asking to be paid modelling fees shortly - perhaps 2 Oreos per hour would be a good starting point :)

  14. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.. makes me feel warm and fuzzy :)

    Sian - thanks for the link

    Tammi - they are actually paper planes :) I suppose they do look a bit like kites which is funny because I'm thinking of doing a kite design like this :)

  15. It looks great! I like the white on that nice blue.

  16. Hi Nice posting, I agree This design is really good. You got good collection keep it up. I pass this blog to my friends


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