a dress too good to wear...

I have been dying to make a wrap around summer dress and I've been scouring all over the internet for a plain pattern... I couldn't find one that I liked (I'm very picky) anywhere!!! It was driving me a bit nutso! My friend Jo from Bubala encouraged me to make the pattern myself, seeing as I do have the pattern drafting skills! I'm not too keen on pattern drafting theses days as it can take ages but she was right... so instead of spending more hours on the internet, searching, I decided to put those hours into drafting a pattern! My pattern worked out really well though it's not perfect and still needs some adjustments! I'm so glad I did it now!

:: a very rough sketch

:: pattern is all cut out and ready to sew

:: I do love sewing

BUT.... the idea was to make a summer dress that I could just chuck on and go! I used some really lovely black viscose fabric that I've had sitting in my stash for years (black to hide any possible mishaps in my pattern drafting skills)  BUT I made it so well and now it looks too nice to wear for everyday... arghhhh!!!!

:: too nice to wear!!!

Hmmm.... how am I going to rough it up a bit??? I am now making another dress that will be wearable :)

Have you done that... made something that is too good to wear!?

note: sorry no picture of me in the dress... the light is terrible in our bedroom where the mirror is!!

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  1. I've got a better idea than roughing it up - get your man to take you out somewhere a bit glam - I know a grandma and pop who love to babysit ;)

  2. Oh wow! What a clever and talented lady you are. I wish one day I'll learn a bit about pattern making. Thinking of taking a class one day. Might take years though before I get there, but a girl can always dream.

    P.s. If you have a pair of rough boots such as biker boots or similar it would roughen up the look for sure. Or sneakers and colourful stripy stockings. And I second Norma that you should go out just so you could wear your dress. As good a reason as any! :)

  3. Its certainly a skill to design a dress on paper and that make it a real wearable piece. This is lovely.

  4. It looks great as is, but maybe to make it seem more 'everday', you could add a panel of patterned fabric or applique, and possibly some coloured bias binding around the neck/bodice. But going out sounds like a great plan too!

  5. I think if you dress it down with your accessories, you could pull it off. (As it's quite cold here now, I'd put a long-sleeved T under it, a cozy cardigan, some tights and casual boots....) It's a shame to be just too good for your own good! :)

  6. What a fabulous skill to have, pattern drafting! And nonsense on the too good for everyday. If you wear it and you love it, what's the point of saving it? Too much gets saved for a day that never ends up coming... enjoy it now!!

  7. Thanks everyone... some really great ideas! I think I might try a bit of everything :)

    Amy - you are so right... I actually hate saving things for good for that reason... I think it's sad that good things never get used :)

  8. I've been searching for a wrap pattern too. Loads out there for little girls , but not us older ones.

  9. Just wear it! Life is too short. Your are worthy of wearing a beautiful black wrap dress everyday. Don't save it up... just relish and enjoy it now.

  10. This is fantastic! I must say that I really admire your talents. Did you really make that pattern yourself? And the dress ended up looking absolutely gorgeous!! I just wish I had the knowledge to put some of my clothing ideas in to realities through my sewing machine, just like you. I'm thinking a blazer in dark purple-ish. The kind that you see in stores all over...

    Oh I really wish I knew how to do this... really. I'm usually walking around in bookstores and longing to buy those sewing books that are there. I found one about clothing that is really great, and shows how to make your own clothing patterns. It's going to me on my Christmas wishlist! That's for sure!

  11. Good for you Lamina - it looks great! I know what you mean about roughing it up - much easier to do in winter with boots, tights etc. I like the idea about going out the best! I reckon save this dress for good to go out with your man and make another dress in a more casual fabric/print to wear everyday ;-) - you've got the pattern master now.

  12. "Have you done that... made something that is too good to wear!?" Haha, I had to laugh out loud at that one - being unable to sew and all. I'm so impressed with your multitude of creative talents! This dress is awesome. If I were you, I would make this dress in at least a couple more fabric and mix it up all summer!
    Nice to be back catching up on your posts. Thanks for always visiting mine!
    Ronnie xo

  13. I've never made something too good to wear. I regularly make things that are too ODD to wear, or too MISSHAPEN to wear... even too BADLY FITTING to wear. So I think you're on a seriously good thing here!


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