i love love love pinterest...

I just love pinterest... it is such a fantastic tool to organise pictures, images and ideas that one loves! I thought I would share some of my favourites from recent hunting and gatherings :)

Caroline Maine: I just love her chunky square-ish painting style especially the fruit and bottles... amazing!

Source: carolmarine.blogspot.com

Luci Everett: how beautiful is this collage of feathers pattern? Love her work!

Source: happinessetc.blogspot.com

Bess Georgett: such a beautiful vintage bag.. I really wish it was mine!

Pinkkiss: I have a real soft spot for ceramics especially bowls, this one is just beautiful!

Source: pinkkiss

Cloverlaine:  I really want to make a pair of these kitten mittens... so cute!

Catherine Campbell: such a great painting! I do rather like a good "flowers in vase" still life!

Cindy Lane: I love messy watercolour paint boxes.... so inspiring!!!

Source: artistsblog.com.au

Elizabeth Graeber: a beautiful illustration - pen ink and watercolour.

Source: elizabethgraeber.com

Josef Frank: this textile design is gorgeous... I just love the colours and shapes.

Source: coraginsburg.com

I could have posted SO many more of my favourites but I ran out of time! I've got dash off and take my little man to get a hair cut... it's getting so long I can barely see his eyes and someone called him a girl the other day.. and he was wearing very boy clothes??? Quite funny really :)

Anyway.. there is loads more on my pinterest.

Hope you all have a great day!!!

Day 4 of blogtoberfest 2011 :)


  1. always love what you put on pinterest (i think you know that though).

  2. Hmmmm, I like the idea of playing around with Pinterest as being a kind of 'hunting and gathering' - gives it a nice 'work' sound to lessen the guilt of all the time it seems to absorb :)

  3. Yes I know what you mean...I too adore Pinterest and having everything easily accessible :)

  4. These are lovely finds! And I really love perusing the boards of others on Pinterest. So nice to meet you from Blogtoberfest.

  5. LOVE Pinterest!

    Looking at other's boards I'm sitting there going "Wow, wow,wow,WOW,wow" till my eyes and brain can't take it any more. I get that rush of adrenaline and I HAVE to go create/paint/sew something right away.

    Messy paintboxes are the best. None of this clean-till-it-looks-like-new-again rubbish!

    Thanks for sharing,


  6. Great collection! I especially love those feathers!

  7. Oh My Pinterest is my new favourite time waster er I mean obsession lol I love that place.

  8. You inspiration is so lovely! I checked out Carol Marine's web page today and was incredibly inspired by her. It's unbelievable that she paints one painting a day! Thank you for sharing :) I think the blogging challenge is working out quite well for you, don't you think?

  9. I already left a comment on the triangle post about trying to avoid pinterest, but you are turning my head around. oh damn.


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