my creative space: planes and clouds

A friend had a gorgeous little baby boy a few weeks ago, so I had to make something special! I decided to use my paper planes design and screen print it onto a little onsie...

paper plane screen printed onsie
:: paper plane screen printed onsie

...and I also made a sweet little cloud cushion!

paper plane cloud screen printed cushion
:: paper plane screen printed cloud cushion

:: paper plane screen printed onsie and cushion

I'm so pleased with how they turned out... my friend totally loved them too! It's always such a good feeling to be able give hand print and handmade gifts :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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I love love love Instagram...

I have finally joined the world of Instagam... Hooray! I have been sitting around waiting for my old phone (no android) contract to end.... I had two months left to go... it was total torture... I wanted Instagram sooooo much! I couldn't wait any longer so I decided (and my partner who got sick of me talking about it endlessly!) to pay out the remaining contract and get a new phone! Luckily for me they were kind enough to waiver the two months... I was pretty happy and vey glad that I didn't wait for two months for the contract to end!

I am so in love with Instgram! I love the fact it's so easy to use and so instant! I just love seeing what everyone is up too through their images! People are so creative with their instagram photos, don't you think! hmmmm... I'm still in training :)

Are you on Instagram? I'm doabit if you would like to follow :)

Have a great Wednesday!

my creative space: morse code love

This week I have been working on a new screen printing design. It has been whirling around my head for a while now, so I am glad it is finally out into the world!

I am a little obsessed with patterns (thank you pinterest) and always looking for the pattern in things... anywhere... everywhere! I came up with the idea of using morse code in a design/pattern... I decided to use the word "Love" and translated it into morse code... I though it would look really interesting as a pattern! So I got to and created the design in Illustrator, printed it out and then cut out the stencil!

Hmmm...yes... the stencil... it was a little tricky cutting out all those dots and dashes! I stuffed it up the first time on the last row that I was cutting out...grrrr and then stuffed it up again on the second time cutting it out... arghhh! I finally got it right the third time! Phew.. I am now an expert at cutting small dots and dashes! I tell you what... I had a quite a sore finger from all that cutting, but it was worth it!

:: cutting the stencil.... third time lucky!!

I was pretty happy to finally get to screen print this design! I love it and made a cushion and a tote bag to pop in my little etsy shop :)

love morse code cushion
:: love in morse code - sea blue

Love morse code tote
:: love in morse code - sea blue

I love that it's a little secret message on a cushion and a tote :)

Hope you are having a great... stuff up free, creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...

a little cat crazy...

Oh dear... I've missed "my creative space" this week! Whoops! First time in a very long time! I've been very busy with my little Etsy shop... which I'm loving! I had a few custom orders and a few orders from friends, so not much time for other creative projects which are currently whirling around in my head! Hopefully I will get some time this week :)

In other news... I have gone a little cat crazy... good old pinterest has been feeding my little obsession!

I saw this print on pinterest and had to pin it... but then I HAD to find it and buy it! (found it at society 6 by Chris Carfolite)

Source: via do a bit on Pinterest

I bought this tote from Gemma Correll... it just cracks me up... especially as I have a three year old! I just her love illustraions!

Source: via do a bit on Pinterest

I really want to get this cat wallpaper for a feature wall in my home... such a pity I am renting! Sigh... maybe one day I will have a house of my own! :)

Source: via do a bit on Pinterest

I really want this cat.... he's so cool and crafty!

and I truely believe this...

And that's not it.... last night I bought this print " The tale of Mr Cat" by Inaluxe... I just LOVE their work and when they posted this on Facebook last night... I had to buy it! I've been hoping for a while that they would do a cat print! I'm so excited... I can't wait for "Mr Cat" to arrive in the post!

Right... that's it! No more buying cat things! Or I "will" turn into that crazy old lady who lives down the street! Yes... it would seem I have a little bit of cat obsession problem! I just can't help it :)

Do you have a little obsession with anything that you find hard to control?

Have a great weekend :)

my creative space: pouch of triangles

It's been a bit of a slow week for me but sometimes you just need a little swapathon to get you moving! Cathy McMurry from Habit of Art is having a swapathon. I think it's such a great idea to do a swap of each others creative work and I feel lucky to be able to take part in it!

I decided to make a new pouch design for it! I had been working on a little design... in my head... for quite some time, combining my current obsession for metallic copper ink and my crush on triangles!
So, I got to...drew some triangles, cut out the stencils, had fun screen printing and made some pouches!

:: cutting screen printing stencils

:: screen printing - copper and charcoal

large copper and charcoal pouch
:: large copper and charcoal triangle pouch

small copper and charcoal pouch
:: small copper and charcoal triangle pouch

I made a large one for Cathy's swapathon, two for my etsy shop and of for me! I just love it when something turns out exactly how you imagined it in your head! :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...

some lovely things made

Life has been very busy and not much time for blogging to be honest! It seems very quiet out there in blog land... don't you think?  I suppose everyone is busy with life too! I have a few things to catch up on here on my little blog...

A while ago I was involved in Handprinted: a fabric swap II and a few of my swap partners have made some lovely things out of the fat quarters I sent them...

Diana from Bimba made a gorgeous cushion and a little koala out of my fuchsia poppies fat quarter!

:: image source - bimba

Cassie from elegantitus used my "grey cats fuchsia" screen print in a lovely quilt. It looks so cosy!

:: image source - elegantitus

It's so lovely to see where my little fabric swap fat quarters have ended up... I love seeing them being used and loved! That makes me happy :)

Hope you are having a great Monday!