my creative space tour

I am so thrilled to announce that there is a little "Creative Space Tour" about me and my very small creative space over at Just B today, by the very lovely Kirsty - Kootoyoo !

It was so wonderful to have Kirtsy and her lovely friend Kate come over... I love any opportunity to talk about anything crafty! Kirsty took loads of wonderful photos too and made all my bits and peices look fab :)

I love the Creative Space Tours, I find them so interesting! I am such a sticky beak and love seeing other creative spaces and finding more about the people who work in them! Love it!

So go and have a sticky beak at mine and there is also a list of other creatives at the bottom of the post too... if you are interested :)

my creative space: paper snowflakes and screen printing

I have been having great fun cutting out paper snowflakes... but they weren't turning out like snowflakes really, more like very interesting patterns! You never know what you are going to get until you unfold it! Love it!

I have been doing this while I sit with my little man as eats his lunch and dinner... so I have made quite a few! Excuse the very bright clashing colours as I have been using kids construction paper, which we have a lot of!

:: just the tip of the iceberg snowflakes
I took one of my favourite one (tough choice) and scanned it into my computer, mucked around with it a little bit in Photoshop ie. tiding up and resizing for a pouch size. Printed it out and then cut the stencil for screen printing!

I screen printed the design on some panels emerald green linen/cotton and blue cotton. It's always so exciting doing the very first print... hope it will turn out :)

I'm so happy with how they turned out and can't wait to make some pouches!

Hope your week has been a creative one... Check out lots of creative people here! :)

my creative space: doing, dabbling & pottering

I'm a bit late his week due to a little lack of creative motivation! It does happen to me sometimes and I don't like it at all when it does! But I have been dabbling in a few creative things this week trying to reignite the creative flame...

:: screen printing lots of fuchsia

:: screen printing with silver ink on blue... love it!

:: making handmade labels using stamps and uni posca pen

:: making fimo beads... hope the idea I have in my head works out!

So you see I have been doing, dabbling and pottering around but just in slow mo! I tell myself that I should just enjoy this slow phase because I know it's going to be one busy and crazy year!

Hope your week has been a creative one... Check out lots of creative people here! :)

my creative space: bunny purse

I have been itching to make some thing cute for ages! Today I was suppose to be making things for my Etsy shop but instead I decided to make a fun little bunny purse/bag for my little niece's birthday! I got the idea from by elke... they are so cute, I just couldn't resist making one!

yellow bunny purse/bag
:: cute little bunny purse/bag

I raced off to spotlight fabric store and bought some lovely yellow pinwheel corduroy and yellow spotted seersucker! My niece loves yellow!

There was not pattern available on "by elke" so I drafted my own ... it was pretty easy!

Then I got sewing... I held my breath the while time, hoping it was all going to turn out ok and luckily it did! Voila,... a very cute little bunny purse/bag!

Oh and I added a little pom pom tail too! :)

I'm so happy with how it turned out! I love it so much... it will be hard to part with but I know my little niece is going to absolutely love it!

Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...

my creative space: my creative space

This week I have some very exciting news! I had a VERY special visitor come and snoop around my place on Wednesday... the gorgeous Kirsty from My Creative Space... Woo Hoo!

There was lots of chatting and photo taking for a post which will be posted on My Creative Space Tour - justb. early February! Very exciting!  It was so wonderful to finally meet Kirsty, she also brought along her lovely friend Kate from one flew over! Great fun! And of course I couldn't help myself, I screen printed and made Kirsty a special little "Feather arrow" linen pouch, which she absolutely loved! It's always so much fun to hang out with fellow creative/inspiring people! Love it :)

feather arrow pouch
:: feather arrow linen pouch

Also, I can now reveal a few things that I made for Christmas. I knitted a cute little bunny softie and made the little dress too for my lovely sister in-law who is having a baby girl in May! I am so excited that I will get to make some girly things... Woo Hoo! :)

knitted bunny softie
:: sweet little bunny softie

I also colaberated with my wonderful mother in-law Norma to make this gorgeous little pouch for a dear friend of hers for Christmas, who loves all things Paris/french and she apparently absolutely loved it. The gorgeous image on the pouch is from The Graphics Fairy.

Paris pouch
:: Paris pouch

I'm slowly getting back into it all this week! It was great to have a little break but now I am looking forward to getting creative.... I have SO much I want to do :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space... 

**happy new year**

WOW... what and amazing year 2012 was for me! I've been one, very busy year and I loved every minute of it! Looking back over the year its really hard to choose my favourite bits because there are so many, but here goes:

I opened my "do a bit" Etsy shop... a little dream come true :)

I created some really wonderful things:

:: lots of lovely softies

:: they look a bit like mug shots, don't you think? :)

:: I cut quite a few screen printing stencils, mixed a lot of ink and screen printed like a maniac!

:: I did a LOT of sewing

:: and I dabbled in other creative ventures...

I also became totally addicted to Instagram... there so many amazing, inspiring and creative people out there! I just love seeing what they are all up to everyday!

Some of my own favourite Instagram photos:

This year I met lots of wonderful creative people through Sydney abcd meet-up which is organised by the lovely Steph from Bondville and her partner in craftiness Lisa from The Red Thread. Really looking forward more meet-up this year and be able to talk all things crafty without feeling guilty, they are such great fun!

I feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful year! Thank you all so much for your support, it's greatly appreciated! I love our creative community! Thank you xxx

I'm really looking forward to see what this year will bring and I really hope you all have an amazing 2013 too!

Best wishes,

Lamina :)