a little interview with Craft and the Cat

The super lovely Alice from Craft and the Cat interviewed with me on her adorable blog. It was a fun little interview with questions about "do a bit", screen printing and of course, cats!


Her blog Craft and the Cat has all sorts of fantastic info on crafty cat goodies that she has found! So much kitty goodness! Love it!

Have  great day Lamina x

Aztec coin pouch tutorial

I put together a little DIY Aztec coin pouch pack for the abcd social/ Etsy craft party on Saturday 7th June 2014. I had so much fun putting it together... love having a project to do!

So here is the Aztec coin pouch tutorial:

This Aztec design has been created with a hand cut stencil which is then used to hand screen print using eco friendly ink.

Materials in pack:
2 x hand printed Aztec fabric - 55% linen and 45% cotton
2 x interfacing
2 x lining fabric - 100% cotton
1 x 10cm metal zip
1 x grosgrain ribbon for zip pull

What you will need:
- sewing Machine - zipper foot
  and zig zag/general foot
- off white cotton thread
- scissors
- pins
- iron

Step 1:
Iron (low heat) interfacing with the rough side down on to the back of the hand printed fabric.
This will give the fabric a bit more weight.

Step 2:
Place one piece of printed fabric on the table face up - then place the zip - top side down on the top edge of the fabric. Then place the lining fabric (do a bit) facing down on the edge of the fabric.
My lovely Mother -in-law likes to call this a "zip sandwich"! :)

 Step 3:
Using the zipper foot - sew along the edge close to the zip. You will need to unzip the zip once you are about halfway and continue sewing.

Step 4:
Repeat step 2 and 3 for the other side of the zip.

- Try to line up the pattern as below

Step 5:
Using the iron, press both sides of the fabric so the zip seams are nice and flat.
Trim any loose threads.

Step 6:
Open the zip ¾ of the way - this is important because if you don't you won't be able to turn the pouch inside out when it's finished! It can be a major disaster!

Step 7:
Place the hand printed fabric right sides together and do the same with the lining fabric - pin together.
Tip: hold pattern side together, up to the light, to match the pattern up.

Step 8:
Using the zigzag/ general foot - sew together around the edge, leaving a gap at the bottom of the lining fabric.
Tip: to make sure that you are sewing around the pattern side equally (curves can be a challenge to sew) Hold pinned pattern side up against the light of a window - use a tailors chalk or pencil to lightly trace the edge of the pattern... this will help when you are sewing :)

Step 9:
Cut a few notches around curved parts of the pouch - this will create a smoother curve once turned inside out. (you can use pinking shears for this too)

Step 10:
Turn pouch inside out through the opening and then hand stitch the opening closed.

Step 11:
Press the pouch with a warm iron and then add ribbon to the zip.

Woo hoo… you have a lovely new little coin pouch!

Enjoy! xxx