Good bye do a bit....

I am saying a fond farewell to my lovely little "do a bit" blog (I am a little bit sad). It has been so much fun over the years and I have met so many amazing creative, awesome people through this blog.... but it is time to move on! I am embarking on setting up my own screen printing textiles business using my name "lamina godman - designer, screen printer, maker".

You can find me at:

Etsy shop:

Thank you to all who have visited, commented or just had a browse through... it was always greatly appreciated!


Lamina xxx

a little interview with Craft and the Cat

The super lovely Alice from Craft and the Cat interviewed with me on her adorable blog. It was a fun little interview with questions about "do a bit", screen printing and of course, cats!

Her blog Craft and the Cat has all sorts of fantastic info on crafty cat goodies that she has found! So much kitty goodness! Love it!

Have  great day Lamina x