my creative space: instagram busy week

It's been a very busy week leading up to Christmas, so I thought I would show my creative week in pictures from my favourite place to hang out at the moment... instagram... I just love it!

I'm terrible addicted to instagram and I love seeing what everyone gets up to everyday! It's just so interesting... I'm @doabit  :)
Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...

my creative space: screen printing and mishaps

Gosh what happened to this week... so much to do and so little time! This week I have been screen printing tea towels with my poppy design... but with a few dramas!

I ran out tea towels and then I ran out of fuchsia ink! I had a few screen printing mishaps (it happens sometimes... then had to get more tea towels...grrrr) and I had to carve the flower centers out twice because I wasn't happy with the first two, they ended up being a bit too small!

I finally got there in the end and I'm really happy with how they turned out! All I need now is some sunshine so I can take some nice photo! :)

Hope you are having a great, mishap free, creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...

my creative space: snowflake stamp

Yikes.. a bit late with my creative space this week! I have no idea where this week has gone...? I have been a busy little bee, carving snowflake stamps and stamping Christmas cards!

:: carving snowflake stamp

:: carved and ready for stamping
:: he had fun stamping some Christmas cards :)

:: I did some stamping too...

I also used my snowflake stamp for making Christmas ornaments for the handmade ornament swap hosted by Christina Lowry Designs! I used some air dry clay, inked up the stamp and pressed it into the clay, then used a cup to cut out the circle around the snowflake and voila!! LOVE it!

:: ornaments drying on very attractive sponges

I really love the rusticness (is that a word) of the stamp too! What a useful little stamp! Now... what else can I stamp :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...

my creative space: kitty mitt

I finally got around to making my kitty oven mitt that I have been wanting to make for ages! I managed to squish the sewing in between sewing cushions and pouches! It was actually a really quick little project to do! I used some mis-screen printed cats fabric! I quite like the very rustic screen printed look!

I used the oven mitt template from sew4home which you can find under "Getting Started" No. 2. To be honest, I didn't follow any of the instructions as it all seem pretty straight forward to me so I just winged it! Luckily it all turned out fine!

:: apologies for the instagram photo I forgot to take one with a real camera!

It was also my first time quilting and I winged that to! I quite enjoyed doing the quilting bit which I think ended up looking excellent!

I am so happy with my new kitty oven mitt :)

Grey cats ginger oven mitt
:: my new kitty oven mitt

But I'm having a bit of a problem using it... it's just too pretty to mess up! :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...

Giveaway over at Catsparella

I am so thrilled to announce that I have a little giveaway happening over at Catsparella. Catsparella is a gorgeous little blog by a lovely cat lover, Stephanie who is dedicated to finding and sharing all of the coolest cat related content online for people who are a little crazy about cats! I just love popping over there to get my cat fix :)

The giveaway is a Ginger cats grey tote and matching pouch, that I screen printed and made last week.

ginger cats -  pouch and tote - white cotton
:: ginger cats grey tote and matching pouch

For your chance to win, just pop over to Catsperella and leave a comment! The winner be will chosen in a random drawing next Wednesday, November 14 at 5:00PM EST.

Have a great day and good luck! :)

abcd and instagram meet up

I went along to the abcd and Sydney Instagram meet-up on Saturday afternoon which was organised by the lovely ladies - Steph from Bondville and Lisa from the red thread! It was so lovely to meet up with lots of creative people and talk about all things creative and instagram! So interesting and very inspiring! We all brought a plate of something delicious to share. It was the most amazing table of yummy things!

I made some very yummy lemon thumbprint biscuits. They were really quite easy to make! I used the recipe from here and the lemon curd recipe form here.

:: Lemon thumbprint biscuits

It was the first time I had made these... a little bit risky but I was lucky it all turned out wonderfully and everyone loved them! Though I wish I had made them in the morning... it was complete chaos in the kitchen in the afternoon! My partner ended up washing ALL dishes while I ran around like a chook trying to get out the door on time! Love him!

We got to take a huge plate of yummy treats home which I knew my partner and little man would be very grateful for!

:: before the attack  - apologies for bad photo I didn't have much
 time before the plate was attacked :)

I was right... it didn't take long for the plate to be attacked and to look like this! There were some very full and happy tummies :)

:: aftermath :)
My partner thought it was well worth all the chaos and dishwashing in the kitchen earlier! He thinks I should go to these meet-ups more often! :)

There are more amazing images of the meet-up on instagram - #abcdmeetup #sydneyinstameet

Hope you had a great weekend too! :)

my creative space: screen printing and sewing

I'm a bit late with my creative space this week... but better late than never right? :) It's been a busy week... screen printing and sewing, cushions, totes and pouches!

:: screen printing ginger cats

:: screen printing cushions

:: cushions screen printed

:: ready to attack the sewing machine

ginger cats -  pouch and tote - white cotton
:: Ginger cats tote and pouch complete!

Phew! I still have the cushions to do! At least I have a few things crossed of the "To Do" list! :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...