softies for mirabel

I'm taking part in Meet Me at Mikes-Softies for Mirabel christmas appeal this year! The Mirabel foundation does such amazing work for kids in need! I can't wait to make some lovely little softies for this wonderful appeal!

Last year I made a little rainbow sock monkey - the first softie I ever made!!! I was so happy to send her off into the world to a very special little someone... such a great feeling!
:: rainbow sock monkey

I wonder what she has been up to the last year :) For more information:
- Meet Me at Mikes
- Softies for Mirabel
- The Mirabel foundation

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  1. Yes it is such a great feeling to participate isn't it. Love the sock monkey you made. Fabo!

  2. Sock monkey is so cute in a bright and colourful way - do you think you'll make another one or something different this year?


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