our little paper city...

After posting about Paper City from Made by Joel the other day here... I couldn't wait to make our very own! We have been having so much fun making our paper city... my little man is just loving colouring in all the images!

:: some intensive colouring going on!

I got out my very old Derwent colouring pencils, which I have had since I was about 10 years old (I was totally obsessed with drawing and colouring when I was little)! I'm so glad I still have them! It's quite funny that all the brown coloured pencils look brand new..... I obviously didn't like colouring in those colours!

:: a work in progress... still lots to do!

:: oh no there is a lion in the city scaring all the people!! :)

I also printed off some of the other colouring pages of fish and animals for him to colour in too, cut them out and made some foot stands for them too - copying the idea from the little people stands! You've got to have some fish and a lion in a paper city :)

I'm not sure who was having more me or him ... happy times :)
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  1. This is a great project - and OF COURSE there has to be a lion in the city!!

  2. in portland- there was an art show about cut outs- and they rebuilt portland in cutouts- it was pretty amazing.

  3. Fabulous job. I love it :) Kx

  4. Wow - blast from the past. Your little guy is having a great time, just like my & my little sis used to during school hols.

    We'd make farm scenes, and paper wagons that our plastic horses could drag. Never could quite get sturdy wheels happening, even though we used tooth picks for axles.

    Know what you mean about the colour pencil love - all my red ones were immediately reduced to tiny stumps.

  5. Looks like a great success! We definitely need some monster animals in our city now!


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