like old times...

My little man got to hang out with his grandma and pop for a few fun hours on Saturday morning which meant that Mr and I had a few precious hours to ourselves!!! So, we headed off to the Glebe Markets (which is in an inner west suburb of Sydney) for a little cruise around, we hadn't been there for many years!

:: glebe markets

It was such a beautiful sunny morning, we had great fun wondering around, people watching, looking at all the funny things people were selling and trying on loads of silly sunglasses... as you do :) I was a little disappointed that there wasn't that many vintage clothes stalls as there use to be, like back in the old days! I use to find loads of amazing vintage clothes there! Oh well, things change I suppose... we didn't end up buying anything, it was still great fun anyway!

:: glebe markets

It was really lovely to have a few hours just me and him, hanging out together and having lunch on the grass... reminded me of our early days together... lovely... we really must do "us" time more often! :)

:: lunch on the grass.. yum!

Day 2 of blogtoberfest 2011 :)


  1. Lovely! Happy to know you could have that time together, and enjoy it in nice weather!! :)

  2. Glebe Markets used to be a perfect day out for me (I was going to go to Alexander Mackie Art College at Glebe before I decided to head out West). I remember the best bargain of THREE oil pastel beach scenes for $20 each, direct from the art student. I still have them framed and on the wall.

    Your lunch looked yummy and you and your man sounds like you had the best battery recharge day.

    Boots are gorgeous!



  3. Ah, precious child-free time! Good for the soul & relationship, and it's so nice to see the littlie again after a bit of time out - it's a win win situation I reckon :-)


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