inspiration: Rob Ryan

How gorgeous and beautiful is this man!!! I just love his work, his words and his philosophy! His paper cutting work is amazing... I'm quite envious! This little video/interview that he did for Etsy blog is just lovely... it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :)

Here are a few of his beautiful pieces of his paper cutting work:

:: source: rob ryan -

:: source: rob ryan -

For some more Rob Ryan: etsy shop -  web site  - blog

Happy Monday!!!

Post note 19/10/2011 - I am so envious!!! The gorgeous Lisa from Lil Sonny Sky went to a Rob Ryan book signing of his book "A sky full of kindness" and has a done a lovely little post about it here! I wish I was there! I really want his book so much!!!

Day 17 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October


  1. Aw! These are so cute! I agree! It must be some great man to get in touch with this soft side in him and make such cute paperwork like he does! Thank you for those very flattering comments on my space! You are always so kind. I've just come back from Oslo and will read your blogtoberfest posts whenever I get time! Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Wow, and he used such great sentences and phrases. I have never tried to cut out lettering--I'd imagine it's very fiddly.

  3. i'm loving all the papercuts around at the moment. so simple but can be so effective.


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