today we...

Me and my little man are having a nice relaxing day today! Mr returned to work today, after a week and a half of holidays... it was so sad to say goodbye to him this morning :( So it was just me and my little man... we didn't do much, just hung around the house, played games, I managed to do some crochet (more on that project tomorrow), then we went off to the park and run around there for ages... great fun!

:: my little flash, chasing the pigeons
(he chose this photo to put on the post)

:: apparently we are in the jungle with the spiders
and sea creatures... eeeek!!

:: just a little pooped on the way home
(pretending to be asleep)

:: a photo from yesterday
... checking himself out after he got his hair cut!

I love hanging out with my funny little man and seeing the world through his eyes! He makes me laugh my head off every day.. I feel very lucky :)

Day 5 of blogtoberfest 2011

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