My little man wakes up pretty early in the morning - 5.30am! This morning the pirates had left their treasure chest behind... much to the delight of one little person :) My partner has spent the last few week making the treasure chest so we can put all his toys in. Love it!

:: totally stunned with early morning happiness :D

I made a yummy chocolate coconut slice (forgot to take a photo) and got to grips with how to sew button holes (for my crochet cushion) with my sewing  machine which I haven't done since I got it a few years ago! It was a bit tricky but once I figured out what the instructions meant it was really easy peasy!

:: hmmm.... crazy button hole instructions

We had a lovely family lunch over at my in laws... my little man had such a great time and had lots of yummy treats!

:: bottle tops make great treasure for the treasure chest

:: learning new ways to eat an ice cream cone

:: yummy chocolate coconut slice

Don't worry he did have a very healthy lunch before the ice cream and chocolate coconut slice!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend too :)

Day 15 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October

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  1. A wonderful treasure chest for a wonderful little boy and wonderful choc cake made his wonderful mummy ;) (I was VERY tempted to have a piece for breakfast!!!!)


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