inspiration: gemma correll

I love Gemma Correll, she is such a great illustrator! Her naive style of illustrating is very cool!!! She mainly illustrates about her very cute little pug - Mr Norman Pickles, lots of kitties and some other silly things too!  I just love her funny sense of humour, it just crack me up and makes my day! :)

:: catnip by gemma correll

:: planking by gemma correll

le chicken
:: le chicken by gemma correll

:: mistletoe by gemma correll

sensible shoes
:: sensible shoes by gemma correll

desktop wallpaper for kitsune noir
:: desktop wallpaper for kitsune noir by gemma correll

our glass recycling bin
:: our glass recycling bin by gemma correll

diagnosis : google
:: diagnosis : google by gemma correll

You can find more Gemma Correll - website - blog - flickr - facebook

Happy Monday!!!

Day 24 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October


  1. HAHA! This is genius! I love that with the mistletoe and "don't even think about it" - I see you have been well! My excuses if I don't always leave a comment, but I want to let you know that I always pop by your blog. Just sometimes I'm a little occupied and I forget to return a big thank you for great birthday wishes!

  2. I love her work too... still laughing at the 'Google diagnosis' so very true. : D


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