***happy new year***

Happy New Year! I am really looking forward to see what 2014 brings... I feel it's going to be an AWESOME one!

We had a wonderful Christmas and new year break... lots of relaxing! I am totally refreshed and ready to jump back into it all again! I had a total break from screen printing which was really hard to do, because I love it so much but I did get to work on a few other projects.

I whipped up an new oven mitt  for the kitchen and made myself a new messenger bag! Love my new bag!

I also decided to dress kitty & bear up as robbers to make them look a bit more boyish for a friends little boy... they also could be off to the movies with 3D glasses on with bags of lollies!  :)

Once our holiday break was over I went on a screen printing frenzy... it felt soooo good!

I also totally satisfied my metallic ink obsession! Loving the metallic copper...

...and my new obsession... gold metallic ink! Love it!!!

I'm looking forward to getting some new things in my little Etsy shop soon!

Hope you all had a lovely time over the holiday season!
Hope the new year is a fantastic one!

Lamina x