Sunday photos

We went to a friends little boys 3 year old birthday party today! So much fun!! My little man didn't want to wear him pirate outfit at all...but he loved his feather sword...phew! He had such a great time running around with all the other kids, but the best part of the party was the birthday cake, of course! :)

:: contemplating how to get his hands on the birthday cake!

:: no one will notice if I take just a little pinch... ha ha ha

:: finally he got a big piece of cake all for himself :D

It was such a funny day... I had a massive blast from the past!! It turned out that I use to work with my friends sister, over 15-20 years ago... what a great surprise! It was so lovely to talk to her and hear about what she's been up to all these years.. Wow! Recently, I have also bumped into few other old friends from my past... it always spins me out a bit, but it's so interesting though! There are loads of people from my past that I would love to catch up with but I haven't been able to find them... oh well may be one day I will bump into them somewhere... hopefully!

Day 9 of blogtoberfest 2011

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  1. Looks like a fantastically RED cake! Sounds like you need to go to a school reunion or something similar. Have a great week!


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