my creative space: triangles and planes

I bought my little "M" a pair of cute red shoes which he loved for only one day, then decided he didn't like them any more!!! Don't you just hate that when it happen.... Arghh!!!

:: unloved :(

I hate the idea of a perfectly good pair of shoe just sitting on the shelf... so I decided to attack them with a sharpie permanent pen and go crazy with triangles (love)! I think they turned out great!

:: loved :)

He loves wearing them now... hooray!!

A few weeks ago at  Spoonflower  - where you can get your designs digitally printed on fabric, they had a free swatch day!! I was very excited and have been wanting to test Spoonflower out for ages, so I did a simple little paper plane design! The whole process was actually really easy!

:: paper plane design on Spoonflower

I was so excited when I received my little swatch in the mail the other day... it turned out fantastic though the colour turned out a lot more orange than red from my original design, but I actually really love the orange. I'm going to have to order some... I have loads of ideas for it :)

:: paper plane swatch

Have you every wonder how pencils were make? Here is a little video from the etsy blog (scroll down to the bottom)... it's totally fascinating!! I just love that sort of stuff!

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. what a great solution re shoes!
    and i love your fabric design.
    very exciting!

  2. This is very clever with those swatches! I didn't know that somebody even offered that! And those shoes turned out much more interesting then the old ones!

    Have a sunny day, and a creative rest of the week :)

  3. great job with the shoes! i can imagine how frustrating it would be, but your solution to the problem was perfect! :) your paperplane swatch is great too :)

  4. The fabric is really cute, and nice re-design on the shoes!

  5. Awesome shoes - I never would've thought of attacking them with a sharpie. And your fabric looks great! It's such a great design.

  6. The shoes look great - cute before but even better now, and a win because he'll wear them now. Love the fabric too, I'll have to check out the process - another thing to add to my list :-)

  7. Good save! I've found my kids latch onto one pair of shoes and refuse to wear the rest, so as much as I love getting them cute footwear, I've had to scale back. It's amazing how quickly they outgrow something like that, isn't it?

  8. Shoes and fabric fabulous!

    Pencils awesome!

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Seriously, you are too clever!
    Thx for your beautiful comments on my blog last week... they meant so much.
    Ronnie xo

  10. love the shoes!! M must have your creative side and wanted more than plain red shoes!! Doris

  11. Love how you transformed the shoes, they are so cool!
    Your fabric is so cute too :)


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