flashback: in another life...

In another life, many many years ago, back in the mid 80's... I was a wedding dress designer!  I worked in a bridal boutique called Adele Chapeaux in South Yarra, VIC (the shop is no longer there), where I designed and fitted wedding dresses for clients. It was such a fun job, though sometimes a little bit stressful because the brides and their mothers stressing!!! I have some pretty funny stories of those times! My boss Adele, who was a very funny/odd lady, just loved me so much that she always wanted me to do the bridal modelling ads for the Mode for Brides magazine! In those days I had a bee hive hair do, which was perfect for bridal dresses! It was so much fun pretending being a model every now and then! Here are a few pictures of my very brief modelling career! :)

note: the leg of mutton sleeves that were so popular in the 80's! Yikes they were so big! And big bows were pretty popular too! ps. I didn't design these dresses!

:: such a huge dress on a little me

:: that's me on the right, trying to look sultery :)

When I showed my little man these pictures he said I look like a princess.... awwwww... major heart melt!!! :)

I do laugh when I see these pictures... Gosh, I was so young, wanting so much to get out and experience the world! My mum went a bit crazy and would buy every copy of the magazines from the about 3 different newsagents (probably more)! I'm glad she did because I wouldn't have these copies otherwise! It's so interesting to revisit those days... I have such great memories of those funny times!!!  Do you have different lives lingering in your past? I have many :)

Day 12 of blogtoberfest 2011... phew it's hard work but I'm still going good :)


  1. Oh my, look at you! So fun of you to share. I don't think I'd dig up any photos of me from the 80s. ;)

  2. Ha, fantastic! You have the perfect facial expression for 80's-style modeling.

  3. That is awesome Lamina - how fun! So, so 80's.

  4. How very fun! In fact, I've enjoyyed scrolling through much of your blog. Have a great day!

  5. Wow! This is amazing! I find you looking beautiful!! Did you really work with wedding dress design? That must have been the greatest job ever! You look just like a princess on these photos!!

  6. whoah!! weren't the 80s something else!!
    thanks for showing these :)

  7. From wide-eyed bride in white to sultry temptress in red to your little guy's princess - that's quite a journey :) Great fun to see!

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! :)

  9. You're gorgeous! Told you that before though :-)

    And wow I'm super impressed at your old profession. Amazing seriously!


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