my creative space: copper chevron

I have a bit of a passion for metallic paint at the moment, especially copper! I had a little metallic bee in my bonnet... I couldn't get it out of my head, so I HAD to go and buy some copper fabric paint!

It wasn't cheap but Oooo it's so lovely! I did quite a bit of experimenting/playing with it...

:: copper screen printing

I got a little obsessed with screen printing copper chevrons and of course had to make some pouches!

:: copper chevron pouch

I think I will be doing a lot more copper screen printing... Love it! :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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my creative space: screen printing frenzy

Phew... it has been a very busy screen printing week and I had a few screen printing hurdles to jump over too! Screen printing white ink on black, something I haven't done much of.... yikes!!! My partners work mate, wanted 5 t-shirts screen printed (front and back) for a car and motor bike rally! He wanted 3 x white ink on, 1 x black t-shirts and 2 x singlets, and 2 x black ink on white t-shirts! I designed the image for him, it has quite a few floaties/islands (separate pieces) in the stencil, 15 actually! The most I have ever had to do! I was a bit petrified that it was all going to go terribly wrong and not work out! Luckily it did work out!

:: screen printed and ready to go

I think I held my breath the whole time I was screen printing these t-shirts and kept thinking... why did I say yes to this!!?  Have you ever do that? I am very glad that I did take on the challenge and I'm really happy with how they turned out, even though it is not really my style! :)

I had also a few other screen printing orders on the go too - Some boys paper plane t-shirts...

Some girls t-shirts and top...

And that's not all...

I also got the opportunity to meet up for a coffee (and dairy free little biscuits...yum) with the lovely Susie from flower press this week. It was so excellent to have a good old chat about blogging,  creativity, Etsy and of course kids with someone like minded and inspiring! My little man came too and he was so well behaved... I couldn't believe he sat there the whole time... admittedly he did have some yummy treats to keep him happy :) I was also lucky enough to receive a gift of fabric from Susie, her gorgeous bricks fabric!

I just love it and so does my little man, he wants me to make a lion out of it... not sure how that would look!? I am sure I'll find something really cool to make with it for him :) What a great morning... I love meeting up with fellow creative, inspiring bloggers... too much fun!

Phew it has been a busy week.... so glad I have given myself a day off today! Though I've found it hard to do nothing, so I'm doing this post... I'm not very good at sitting around, twiddling my thumbs :)

Hope you are having a great creative week... not as crazy as mine!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...

my creative space: share some inspiration

Last night I went along to Sydney abcd blogger meet-up for art, craft and design bloggers organised by the wondeful Bondville. It was such an interesting evening and so fantastic to meet up with like minded people to discuss a number of topics to do with sharing and blogging. I came away feeling totally inspired by all these amazing women that I had met!

I also had the opportunity to contribute to the goodies bag which we received at the end of the evening, incorporating the topic of "Sharing". I decided to share some of my favourite inspiring blogs - I had real trouble choosing just a few! I really wanted to make a card using watercolour, especially as I haven't played with watercolour for ages! I do love watercolour a lot!

:: share some inspiration cards

I did some watercolour text artwork and my little man did some of his own watercolour painting too! We had lots of fun and we made quite a mess! Yes I let him use my precious watercolours :)

:: splatter splatter....

He actually gave me the idea to do some fine watercolour splatter all over both sides of the card....nothing like a happy little paint accident I say :) So I splattered away...  mustard yellow, green and a bit of turquoise blue all over the cards, and then once it was dry, printed the text on top.

It was all a bit crazy here yesterday afternoon, trying to get it all 26 finished - painting, splattering, printing and cutting them all out! Phew... I got it done in the end!

:: cutting cutting cutting...

:: share some inpiration - front

:: share some inpiration - back

I am so please with how they turned out! It felt great to be able to be apart of the goodies bag :) I have to say it felt a bit like chrismas opening the goodies bag when I got home! There so many lovely and inspiring things.... recipies, mini projects to do, cards etc...

It was such a great night and I feel so lucky to have been apart of it! I can't wait for the next one!

Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...

some inspiration

I just love Colossal it's such an wonderful and inspiring website of all things creative! Today there is some amazing photography work by Michael Shindler - Tintype Portraits! Love it!

I love this video of his process... how cool!

They are just so beautiful, don't you think? I REALLY want to go to his photobooth shop in San Francisco now!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

birthday cake craziness

Birthday craziness is in full swing around here!
We had a bit of a cake frenzy for my partners birthday the other day! He LOVES cakes! I went to Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie in Balmain... and boy, did my little man and I have a hard time choosing! We left the shop with 3 gorgeous cakes and a macaroon for my little man.

This cake got eaten before I could take any photo's of it :) Image source from here.
v8 - black sesame dacquiose, brown sugar crunch, lychee gel,
raspberry sponge, raspberry jelly, liquorice cremeaux, rose
chantilly patisserie.  image source

chocolate mousse - francesco chocolate mousse, flourless chocolate biscuit,
creme brulee aux the, berry fruits compote, berry meringue sticks

Happy Birthday! Flourless chocolate biscuit, chocolate sabayon mousse,
ultimate chocolate brownie, caramel mou, milk chocolate chantilly
and cocoa nib nougatine with a White chocolate and Passionfruit glaze

I unfortunately have a terrible dairy allergy and so I couldn't sample them but I have it on good authority that they were absolutely delicious!

We also made a chocolate birthday cake for my partner (one that I could eat)... which was just too much fun for one little boy!

:: chocolate coconut cake... YUM!

And it was my birthday yesterday... 45 years old... so that makes me half 90 years old...YIKES!! Of course we had to make another cake! My little man was in heaven... so much licking to do! :)

:: the best bit about making cakes is licking cake mix off everything!

:: sprung licking the cake... naughty little monkey!!! :)

We have another birthday on the weekend which means another cake... my waist line in not happy with me at the moment! Luckily everyone else who is having birthdays around this time (and there is a LOT) all live interstate or overseas... phew... my waist line is very thankful for that :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...

dinosaur softie

August is crazy birthday month here... SO many birthdays which means many opportunities to make some wonderful things :)

This week I made this really cute little dinosaur for a dear friend's little boy who turned one this week! I loved making this little dinosaur!

dinosaur - green cord and feather arrow screen print
:: dinosaur - fine green cord and feather arrow screen print

The pattern is based on this one here. I had to re-drafted the pattern as it was a bit wonky in parts... and I didn't do the feet as suggested, as it was going to be too fiddly!  But otherwise, it was all pretty straight forward! I used fine green cord and some of my feather arrow screen printed fabric as a contrast. And I made sure it was 1yr old friendly, no loose bits that could be choked on!

I am so happy with how he turned out and now my little man wants one too! :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...