the last day of blogtoberfest 2011

Wow I can't believe that I've done it! I have completed the challenge... blogtoberfest 2011 - a post everyday for October! Pheeeeewwww! I feel like I need to break out a bottle of champagne and celebrate! :)

I wouldn't say it was easy creating a post everyday! I was freaking out (just a little bit) that I wouldn't have anything to say or share and I didn't want to just post any old thing, for the sake of it!  But I think I did quite well and I learnt that I actually do have lots of things to share and not just crafty stuff!  It was a really great experience and it has also helped me get my creative mojo back too... Woo Hoo!

So here are a few of my favourite posts from the last month... in case you missed them :)

inspiration: watercolour illustrators

:: So-l'y-laisse - Solenn Larnicol

pinterest: triangles everywhere


flashback: in another life...

:: such a huge dress on a little me

our little paper city...

:: some intensive colouring going on!

I think I am going to have a day off from blogging tomorrow :)
Thank-you to everyone who stopped by and said hi over the last month xxx

Day 31 of blogtoberfest 2011 - the last day!!!


  1. Congratulatons!! And thanks for an interesting month :) That watercolour tea party looks like so much fun I think it'd be the perfect way to celebrate and you could add a champagne fountain as well if you feel so inclined!

  2. Thank you for lots of great posts and inspiration. I wish every month could be blogtoberfest here at do a bit, but I guess it is a lot of work after all. I enjoyed it so much :D

  3. Well done for surviving, and doing it with quaality content. Its no mean feat!
    I don't know about you but this experience has definitely given me new found respect for people who churn out quality content day in day out!

  4. Congratulations! I wasn't feeling inspired in October but I am now, so I signed up for NaBloWriMo and plan to post daily in November. I think it's the added incentive to keep up with my to-do list so I have fun things to post, too!!

    I enjoyed reading even if I didn't get to comment on every post. Thanks!


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