a funny little game to play...

Years ago... actually 20 years ago... a friend introduced me to this funny little psychological game! It always makes people laugh because they have no idea what they are saying!!

So here is how it goes... play along... don't look at the answers (down the bottom of the post) until you have answered the questions! You just have to list some characteristics for each of the questions!

1. What is your most favourite animal and what are the characteristics that you like about them?

2. What is your second most favourite animal and what are the characteristics that you like about them?

3. What is your third most favourite animal and what are the characteristics that you like about them? (the third one is always the hardest one to think of)

Here are my answers that I gave 20 years ago... and I probably would have answered the same now!

1. cats - because they are sleek, very independent and funny!

cat in a box
:: cat in a box - image source

2. dogs  - because they are friendly, loyal, happy and fun!

Happy Dog
:: happy pug - image source

3. albatross (I know it's a weird one) - because they mate for life, they are very caring and look after each other!

Albatross 065
:: albatross - image source

The answers are taken from what characteristics you wrote down...

1.  is how you see yourself...  (eg. sleek, very independent and funny!)

2.  is how others see you...

3. is how you really are...

So tell me how did you answer them? Does any of that ring true for you? It does for me.. even after 20 years, though I don't really see myself as being very sleek these days... I'm a bit more like that cat in a box.... more homely ha ha ha :)

One of my friends back then answered every question with bunny rabbit and the characteristic "fluffy" and nothing else... she couldn't think of any other animal or characteristics at all... needless to say she really was quite a "fluffy" person but very lovely :)

Hope you have fun with this little game.. it's a good one to do at the pub when everyone is a bit tipsy :)
Happy Friday!!!

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  1. This is brilliant I'll have to try it out on Chris!... I cheated and looked at your answers...so lovely:) ( I bet you are very sleek and cool!

  2. Came over from ourcreativespaces today and am enjoying looking over your blog. This post is great. I went for monkey(cheeky) , dog(loyal) and bird(free). So true! Love your crochet by the way too! And love finding a great blog that isn't in Melbourne or brisbane.


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