handmade kris kringle swap

I am joining in on The Haby Goddess' -  Handmade Kris Kringle swap...sounds like fun! I just saw it today myself, so you only have until the end of today 31st October 2011 to register if you are interested :)

the last day of blogtoberfest 2011

Wow I can't believe that I've done it! I have completed the challenge... blogtoberfest 2011 - a post everyday for October! Pheeeeewwww! I feel like I need to break out a bottle of champagne and celebrate! :)

I wouldn't say it was easy creating a post everyday! I was freaking out (just a little bit) that I wouldn't have anything to say or share and I didn't want to just post any old thing, for the sake of it!  But I think I did quite well and I learnt that I actually do have lots of things to share and not just crafty stuff!  It was a really great experience and it has also helped me get my creative mojo back too... Woo Hoo!

So here are a few of my favourite posts from the last month... in case you missed them :)

inspiration: watercolour illustrators

:: So-l'y-laisse - Solenn Larnicol

pinterest: triangles everywhere

Source: totokaelo.com

flashback: in another life...

:: such a huge dress on a little me

our little paper city...

:: some intensive colouring going on!

I think I am going to have a day off from blogging tomorrow :)
Thank-you to everyone who stopped by and said hi over the last month xxx

Day 31 of blogtoberfest 2011 - the last day!!!

sunday photos

This morning my little man helped me make a lemon and mandarin cake with blue icing (his choice) for his Uncle's birthday party today! He just love to help make cakes :)

:: he actually loves lemons???

:: nothing better than licking the spoon

:: correction... nothing better than licking
the icing spoon

:: heaven!!!

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday :)

Day 30 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October...

a dress too good to wear...

I have been dying to make a wrap around summer dress and I've been scouring all over the internet for a plain pattern... I couldn't find one that I liked (I'm very picky) anywhere!!! It was driving me a bit nutso! My friend Jo from Bubala encouraged me to make the pattern myself, seeing as I do have the pattern drafting skills! I'm not too keen on pattern drafting theses days as it can take ages but she was right... so instead of spending more hours on the internet, searching, I decided to put those hours into drafting a pattern! My pattern worked out really well though it's not perfect and still needs some adjustments! I'm so glad I did it now!

:: a very rough sketch

:: pattern is all cut out and ready to sew

:: I do love sewing

BUT.... the idea was to make a summer dress that I could just chuck on and go! I used some really lovely black viscose fabric that I've had sitting in my stash for years (black to hide any possible mishaps in my pattern drafting skills)  BUT I made it so well and now it looks too nice to wear for everyday... arghhhh!!!!

:: too nice to wear!!!

Hmmm.... how am I going to rough it up a bit??? I am now making another dress that will be wearable :)

Have you done that... made something that is too good to wear!?

note: sorry no picture of me in the dress... the light is terrible in our bedroom where the mirror is!!

Day 29 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October...

softies for mirabel

I'm taking part in Meet Me at Mikes-Softies for Mirabel christmas appeal this year! The Mirabel foundation does such amazing work for kids in need! I can't wait to make some lovely little softies for this wonderful appeal!

Last year I made a little rainbow sock monkey - the first softie I ever made!!! I was so happy to send her off into the world to a very special little someone... such a great feeling!
:: rainbow sock monkey

I wonder what she has been up to the last year :) For more information:
- Meet Me at Mikes
- Softies for Mirabel
- The Mirabel foundation

Day 28 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October

my creative space: crochet cushion no. 2

Whoops... I nearly forgot to do "my creative space" post today!!! Last night my little fingers got a bit fidgety and needed something to occupy them, so I started working on crochet cushion no. 2, to go with my chevron cushion I made the other week! I really love spots so I am attempting do a spotty-ish crochet cushion with charcoal grey and cream wool!

:: spotty-ish crochet cushion

I'm not sure if it is going to work out exactly as I have it pictured in my head... but it's looking good so far... fingers crossed it does work out :)

Day 27 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October... only a few days left!!!

Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are loads more creative people over at our creative spaces...

walking around my neigbourhood

I love our neighbourhood... I try to go for a walk most evenings - exercise!!! We are so lucky that we have a huge goregous park just two doors away us, kitties to meet and there are loads of lovely houses to **sigh** over and wish they were mine!!! Oh well maybe one day...  I'll just keep walking and admiring :)

:: old gate and tiles

:: cute little house

:: gorgeous big house

:: tree lined streets

:: kitties to say hello to :)

:: our beautiful park

note: apolpogies for slightly scruffy photos as they were taken with my phone!

Hope you are having a great day!

Day 26 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October

printerest: yellow and mustard

I just love yellow and mustard, which are very popular colours right now! They are such great colours and always makes me feel happy, and can really brighten up ones day :)

Here are a few of my favourites from my pinterest...

:: la casita - source

:: matthew walkerdine - source: pikaland

:: paul lowe - source: sweetpaulmag-digital.com

:: lemon - source: via ffffound

:: source: MissPrint

:: yellow - source: Little Joey

:: leah duncan - source: freshly chopped

:: source: bouy bird

:: source: yardage design

:: Philipp Klinger - source

:: source: moa og kaffekoppen

:: Anthopoligie - source: belle vivir

Have a happy bright day xxx
Day 25 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October

inspiration: gemma correll

I love Gemma Correll, she is such a great illustrator! Her naive style of illustrating is very cool!!! She mainly illustrates about her very cute little pug - Mr Norman Pickles, lots of kitties and some other silly things too!  I just love her funny sense of humour, it just crack me up and makes my day! :)

:: catnip by gemma correll

:: planking by gemma correll

le chicken
:: le chicken by gemma correll

:: mistletoe by gemma correll

sensible shoes
:: sensible shoes by gemma correll

desktop wallpaper for kitsune noir
:: desktop wallpaper for kitsune noir by gemma correll

our glass recycling bin
:: our glass recycling bin by gemma correll

diagnosis : google
:: diagnosis : google by gemma correll

You can find more Gemma Correll - website - blog - flickr - facebook

Happy Monday!!!

Day 24 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October

Sunday photos

Today we went to Taronga Zoo. My little man was so excited to see all the animals! Here are a few photos of our morning there! Sorry there not many photos of animals as a lot of them were having naps.. they weren't very exciting photos to publish! We still had a lot of fun :)

:: looking at elephants from the sky safari

:: the elephants from the sky safari

:: view from the sky safari... gorgeous day

:: my beautiful little man xxx

:: having fun with the statues

:: racing around the zoo

Hope you are having a great weekend :)

Day 23 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October

photo challenge: face

Today, I'm playing along with The Paper Mama's this weeks photo challenge "face"!

The challenge: The challenge will be based around your children. Take or find a photo of your baby (or kid... or puppy... or kitty). Focus on the face!

Here is my little man enjoying his lunch in the bush :)

Ooooooooooo lunch!!!

The Paper Mama

Day 22 of blogtoberfest 2011 - blog everyday for October