watercolour and photography

I am so happy to be back doing some watercolour painting! I don't know what it is about it that I just love so much! I really love playing and mixing the colours and the fact that it takes lots of "bits of" time to build up an image/painting, that suits me fine! I never knew I had so much patience, in the past I would want everything done/completed now! But alas these days it is just not possible with a very active toddler jumping around... so it's good that it does take lots of little "bits of" time!

My landscape watercolour from this post, is coming along really well... I still have loads more layers to do!! :)

:: landscape - some tree backgrounds

:: landscape -  some more tree details

I have decided to join in with The Paper Mama's photography challenge "Favorite photo from August"... seeings I have a new camera! It should be fun even though I still don't know how to use my camera very well :)  So this is my favourite photo from August: My little man helping me make orange icing for a birthday cake... his crazy hair and the look in his eyes is just SO sweet, I cried when I saw this photo! :)

The Paper Mama

note: apologies for the lighting in the watercolour photos... I'm still trying to work out the best way to photograph them and other drawings... lighting can be a bit rubbish at my place... it's driving me a bit crazy... anybody got any ideas they can share?

Hope you are all having a great week so far :)


  1. your little man is so darling :)

    woohoo on the water color painting-- I don't have the patience for watercolor.

  2. Your little boy is adorable and I'm loving how your watercolour painting is progressing x

  3. The watercolor painting turned out really lovely! You just stopped painting at the right moment. I really struggle with getting balance into those watercolor paintings, but yours is perfect.

    I think this photography challenge is an excellent way to go out there snapping. I recently came across this excellent book 52 photographic projects and I'm seriously considering to buy it. Looks like it has a lot of useful exercises to learn photographic creativity better. Just a tip if you are interested :)

  4. Beautiful images - your watercolours are so atmospheric.

    Loved your Little Man & your camera self portrait - more please!



  5. What a beautiful landscape painting! I really need to practice doing some landscapes, I tend to shy away from them. x

    Shooting delicate work can be so tricky. If the light is rubbish it becomes grainy so quickly. I'd take it outside and shoot in the shade.

    ps. loving your pins.


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