a bit of watercolour

With all the craziness of the last few weeks I still managed to squeeze in a little watercolour painting time.. a bit here.. a bit there! A few weeks ago, as part of  my drawing class we had to do some homework - drawing something in our kitchen. I drew my little teapot and the grater! I thought I would also try and do a watercolour of them both. They are still a work in progress and I'm quite happy with how they are looking! I am thinking that I will have to do the teapot a darker grey to make it stand out more!

:: teapot - willow charcoal on A2 paper

:: teapot - watercolour an A4 (in progress)

:: grater - graphite on A2 paper

:: grater - watercolour on A4 (in progress)

I have also started doing a watercolour of my landscape I did last week in my drawing class...  quite a challenge and it's looking good so far. I never thought I would ever do a watercolour landscape, I actually quite like it :)

:: landscape - image source Cuba Gallery

:: landscape - watercolour on A4 (in progress)

I'm using Heather Smith Jones' book Water Paper Paint as a guide -  Project 22: Working from a photograph.  I love this book, there are so many helpful tips for whatever watercolour painting you want to do... I use it all the time.

:: Water Paper Paint by Heather Smith Jones  

Note: Apologies for the rather dark watercolour photos... I've been waiting around all day for a little bit of good light... but it has been raining on and off here all day!! There also a bit of a weird blur on a few as it seems I have a bit of dust in my camera (on the sensor)... arghhh!!

Everything was driving me a little nutso today!!

Hope you are all have a great day :)


  1. Wow, all are looking great so far!

  2. Jeepers. You are really good at the drawing / watercolour thing! They look great!

  3. Your work is amazing...you definitely have a talent there.


  4. These are so pretty! I really admire your determination to do a bit everyday, even when there is so little space sometimes. As always, I'm very inspired. I will definitely do a bit each day from now on, because of my tight schedule at school and lots of lots of lectures.

  5. Thanks everyone... your all so sweet :)

    Halina - Thank you :) I do find it hard to find time sometimes but that's why I have so many different little projects going on, so I can squeeze bits of them into my day... eventually... something get completed :)

  6. Love, love love! That first teapot sketch especially !!!!!!!!

  7. I'm so impressed with the watercolors! I just put that watercolor book on my Amazon wish list. I really like that drawing of the grater. That's the sort of thing it's hard to do in bits and pieces, too. Well done!

  8. i love the look of the watercolour already!


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