drawing course: week 2

This week we worked with the left and right side of the brain, using our right and left hand for drawing! It was really interesting! At first, drawing with the left hand was really uncomfortable but then after a while it felt kind of normal. We mainly used our own hands as the subject matter. We did quite a lot of continual line drawings where we looked at what we were drawing (subject matter) rather than what we were drawing on the page! Some of my drawings were a little all over the place, but it was really fun to do!

:: right hand continual - left hand continual - right hand continual
(graphite pencil)

Then we broke our hands down into different shapes - drawing with the right hand and the left hand!

:: right hand drawing shapes - left hand drawing shapes

Next... using our hand as our subject matter, we drew and shaded it. I used willow charcoal, which I am beginning to really love. I was so happy with how my hand turned out! Others in the class liked it too! :)

:: shaded sketch (willow charcoal)

Next subject matter was a shoe - from someone in the class. I wish I had chosen a slightly simpler one! There was too much detail to draw, in such a short amount of time! We did a quick two min drawing, two continual line drawings (left and right handed), then a detail shaded drawing. I really love how the right handed continual drawing turned out!

:: subject matter - a shoe (balancing on a chair)

:: a quick 2 min sketch (graphite pencil)

:: continual drawing with the left hand (graphite pencil)
- it looks quite funny :)

:: continual drawing with the right hand (graphite pencil)

:: shaded sketch (willow charcoal)

I feel my shaded shoe sketch didn't turn out so good! I ran out of time but one good thing that all these exercises has pointed out to me is that I need to work on my proportions... they seem to be a bit askew sometimes... I wonder if I am tilting my head oddly or something... hmmmm???! I'm sure my drawing skills have improved just from this session :)

Next week we will be doing a still life... can't wait :)


  1. Excellent sketches Lamina! I find that the shoe is well drawn. I'm working on improving my sense of proportion to. Just seem to me it's something I've been struggling with for a while now, so I'm sketching and sketching and sketching... Good luck with the course!

  2. I love the free look of the left-hand drawings. It's weird how doing something that feels so strange at first can turn out so well isn't it! Glad you're enjoying your course.

  3. Awesome hand sketch! I love willow charcoal too AND I struggle big time with proportion :/

  4. I love the willow charcoal sketches...brilliant!!

  5. Love them all - they really have that "freshness" about them that is often so elusive.

    Keep it up!



  6. your hand is very good. drawing hands is hard.


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