drawing course: week 5

This week - Landscapes! We had to bring in a picture of a landscape that we wanted to draw. It was hard trying to find just one... there are so many amazing images out there! I did a massive search on Google and Flickr, printed out quite a few and finally decided on this one from Cuba Gallery.

:: image source Cuba Gallery

I was really drawn to the composition - power lines going to a lonely little shack, the open spaces and a spattering of trees. The tutor wrote up on the board a little list of the steps for us follow when creating our landscapes.

I printed the image in black and white so much easier to see where the shading would go! I also cropped some of the image to make it the same shape as my page. After drawing the basic outline in pencil and I spent a lot of time building up the background layers with willow charcoal... in fact too much time... it got to 8.30pm and I hadn't done any trees so I have 30min to get some detail in there!

:: building up layers with willow charcoal

:: a few trees by the end of class... phew!

I finished it at home the next night... I think it does need more work but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! I really love my trees, the power lines a bit wobbly but I do quite like that!

:: landscape in charcoal on A2
I learnt a lot from this class... I feel like I am a lot more confident, relaxed at experimenting, letting go when drawing and not worrying about making everything so perfect! I really enjoyed this class a lot.. luckily there weren't that many straight lines :)

Next week.... portraiture... help!


  1. Nice! It's so fun following along with your drawing class. I took a couple drawing classes in my early 20s lo many years ago and it was such a pleasure, to get lost in the charcoal that way. Hmm, perhaps it's time to take another, once I'm finally sprung. Between a still-nursing child and my husband's travel, an evening class isn't doable just yet...

  2. WOW that's amazing. I say this every time, but you are truly talented.

  3. its always interesting how landscapes and still life are so different :) turned out amazing!.

  4. It turned out fantastic. You have a lovely touch. And don't worry--portraits aren't as scary as you think. Just focus on drawing the lines, shapes, shades, etc. that you see, just like with anything else, and before you know it, you'll have a face! :)

  5. I love it! Looks fantastic. Well done :)

  6. this is really great! good luck with the portrait.

  7. wow, this is amazing! your drawing skills are so good!!! great job! :)

  8. Okay wow, that drawing is simply amazing. You are seriously talented.
    Ronnie xo


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