playing with stamps

Wow.. I'm really lucky to have my wonderful in-laws move in, right around the corner in the next street a few weeks ago! Today was the first time they took my little man for the morning.. my partner works on Saturday mornings which meant I had the whole...WHOLE morning to myself! I think my brain nearly exploded at the thought... what to do with all that precious time!

First I had a little cry after saying goodbye to my little man.... I haven't left him in others peoples care very often, so I was a bit emotional (I'm such a sook)! Then I got out my new toys and carved some stamps! Yesterday, I watched a few YouTube tutorials, just to see if I could pick up some pointers which I did! So... I carved some practice ones to get use to using the tools... I was really happy with how they turned out! I don't have any stamp pads yet, so I just mixed up some paint I had and brushed it on the stamp to test them out, I quite like the effect!

My little plane stamp still needs a few adjustments, but it's looking good so far too... I went a bit crazy stamping it over loads of paper every which way... Love it :)

I also got to play with my other favourite toy, my camera!! It was so much fun this morning and it was so nice to have no interruptions... though I did miss the "little" interruptions... a lot! :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend :)


  1. Your stamps are fabbo!! I would love to have a go at carving some.


  2. This looks sooo fun! Now I want to try it out. It looks a little hard to do, though. I better get my painting skills first and maybe I'll try these out later on! So nice :)

  3. I know what you mean about leaving the little one at other's hands... I miss Mili the second she's out of the house...

    Loving those stamps Lamina! So pretty! Especially the little plane! Really cool.

  4. Thanks for your comment! Your little paper planes are cute.. nice details.. I also like your watercolour spots from a few posts ago.

  5. They look great. I love the idea of the plane design. It's so much fun, isn't it? :)

  6. i just love that paper airplane stamp- have been thinking about making myself one.

  7. I like that little plane zipping along, and that you had time to play and create. Here's to flying along!

  8. sounds like yo had a lovely time to yourself! your stamps are great; i think i have to go and carve some myself now, been inspired! :)

  9. Lamina, you certainly had fun - what a productive morning you had! Much better than washing and dishes and weeding.

    More please!




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