pin the cherry on the cupcake!

A little while ago I screen printed a cupcake tea towel for my lovely mother-in-law Norma, to take to New Zealand as a gift. The other day I received a lovely email from the recipients - Mercedes and her daughter Liberty, saying how much they loved the cupcake tea towel. The colours perfectly matched Liberty's bedroom which is pink and yellow! Apparently the tea towel hasn't made it into the kitchen, which happens a lot with my tea towels :) Recently it was Liberty's birthday and they used the cupcake tea towel for a game of "pin the cherry on the cupcake" ... how gorgeous!

:: pin the cherry on the cupcake
-photo courtesy of Liberty Biberty

They have a lovely little blog Liberty Biberty!  It looks like Liberty had the best birthday, such gorgeous decorations too! Their blog is mainly about miniature doll houses, they do some amazingly gorgeous detailed things! I just love the little Shabby bakery... those little cakes are amazing... I just want to eat them! Norma also has a gorgeous little miniatures blog too - make mine mini ! It just amazes me some of the things people can make in miniature and how life like they can be!!! They put so much work/time into them! Amazing!

I just love hearing stories about my little tea towels journeys and where they end up :)
Hope you are all having a fabulous day!

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  1. awww so cute pin the cherry on the cupcake :) I am so glad it got some use!


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