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I have to tell you about a funny dream I had about a week or so ago.. I just haven't stop thinking about it and laughing!!!

my dream...
Somehow I ended up in "CRAFT JAIL"! I don't know why... ha ha ha! There I was walking around "Craft Jail"...each cell had their own different craft... crochet, knitting, embroidery etc... just like they were stalls at a market but in jail cells! Everyone was sitting in their little cells doing their crafts, happily! At the end of all the cells there was a new comer with their cell door shut and we were all hanging around, in anticipation, waiting to see what new the craft crime might be... we were all very excited! Unfortunately I woke up and didn't get to find out!

So funny... who wouldn't want to be in THAT jail!!! Anyway back to the real world!

This week has been pretty quiet, which is nice for a change but I still managed to do a bit of stamp carving of my little wobbly cars! I really love carving stamps, they are such a quick and easy craft to do... very satisfying! I'm planning on using these car stamps on some bed sheets (and probably many other things) for my little man :)

:: sketch design and trace onto stamp block

:: trim stamp block and carve outline of car

:: carve out the remaining, test stamp and fix all the stray bits

:: play with stamps :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. Great dream! Sounds like a jail I would love to be in. And super sweet car, can't wait to see what you do with it.

  2. Love the stamps you are coming up with.... will be great to see a project made with them.... and I love those dreams, its like the ones where you walk into a cake shop hmmmm heaven!

  3. Isn't stamp carving fun?! Although I wonder if it's a gateway craft, because now I want to try carving lino blocks. And you know what they say, gateway crafts will just end you up in jail. :)

  4. That dream is hilarious. You could read lots into to it!
    Are we a slave to our craft?!

  5. I just recently did a stamp carving class and loved it! They are highly addictive indeed.

  6. Sign me up for that jail pronto! :)
    I love your little stamp..they look fairly easy to make, where can I source the rubber?

  7. that is a funny dream ~ i noticed that often in dream interpretation books things are opposite, so i guess jail = heaven!!
    your stamps look fun :)

  8. Haha! Sounds like a Norwegian jail that one you were dreaming of :D They're pretty easy going. Love to see those bed sheets when your finished! Have a great weekend :D

  9. I just love that little car :)

    As for the dream I think you should email Dr Phil ;)

  10. love it, thanks for your post. made me smile! xx

  11. I hope I have a dream like that tonight...very funny. Nice work with the stamps, something I'd like to try. :)

  12. Hello from a fellow blockprinter... You are coming up with some sweet little designs. I print on fabric, so let me know if you need any help or tips :-)

  13. hehe, awesome dream!!! cute stamps! btw, wanted to ask, where do you get the stamp blocks from? so far i've been using cheap erasers, but would like to get a big block like yours for a larger design. :)

  14. Thanks everyone for your lovely and funny comments :) I wish I could go back to my dream :)

    fyi - The rubber I use is called Ezy Carve Printing Block and you can get it at the art shop!


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