drawing course: week 3

This week we did a still life and also work on the composition of our work. There were quite a few different "still life" set ups on the table in the middle of the room and we could choose which one we wanted to draw. I chose a bottle and fruit. I really like the shape and colours!

:: Still life

My first sketch was a bit of a disaster... yet again my proportions were totally out! I think my brain zooms in what I'm drawing at the time and forgets the rest of the picture! I really like my fruit but.. Oh dear...the vase height looks quite stunted!

:: Still life - first sketch - graphite on A2 paper

With my second sketch I decide to do it portrait, to give me more room for the bottle! The tutour showed me how to measure the still life proportions by using the "thumb and pencil" method which really helped. I first did a basic sketch, then just kept adding more shading and detail. We also worked on composition, I added part of a window and edge of a table. I'm really happy with my second sketch! It's not quite finished yet, I have quite a bit to do still :)

:: Still Life - second sketch - graphite on A2 paper

During the class the tutor gets us to go around and have a look at what everyone is up to! Is is really great seeing everyones work and seeing the different styles of drawing! You can really see how much everyones drawing has improved... so inspiring!

Next week we will be doing architecture and perspective... can't wait!


  1. it turned out perfectly! classes are so much fun seeing everyone's perspective on the same object

  2. I'm a huge fan of still life drawings/prints/paintings and yours looks great!

  3. That is one heck of a fabulous second go. Never ceases to amaze me how suddenly things can just come together in a life drawing class (and in my case, just as easily fall apart!)...


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