drawing course: week 6

Portraits this week... we had to bring in a mirror so we could draw our own face... wow what a challenge! I actually really enjoyed this class! Though it was a bit confronting drawing my wrinkles!!! I ended up looking really old... yikes!

We first started off with the basics of where things go on the face and doing a basic sketch in pencil.

:: self portrait - pencil on A2 paper

Then we did a left handed continual drawing, where you don't take the charcoal off the paper while you are drawing! I really loved doing this one, such great fun! This one is my favourite out of them all, though I'm not sure it looks like me, but I love it :)

:: left handed continual self portrait
- willow charcoal on A2 paper

Next... we did a right handed continual drawing with charcoal. I really stuffed up my first attempt... what was my brain thinking and I nearly got into trouble by the tutor... she said if I had continued with that drawing she would have told me to start again doing it left handed... she was kidding... I think??? This is the best one I did of them!

:: right handed continual self portrait
- willow charcoal on A2 paper

The last one we did was a more detailed right handed, charcoal drawing which still needs more work done on it. I'm really pleased with how it's going,  though I do look A LOT older... maybe I should give myself a little face lift and removed some of those wrinkles!!

:: self portrait - willow charcoal on A2 paper

And here is a photo of me in my glasses so you can see what I actually do look like as a comparison! I only wear glasses for close up work and on the computer! I didn't draw them in the first and last drawings as they got in the way of the detail/wrinkles :)

:: me :)
It was such great class this week, I have learnt so much! I really love the look of the continual drawings and their strong dramatic lines, love it! 

Next week... life drawing!!!


  1. What a challenge! If I tried it I know I'd end up looking like a bad imitation of Lady Gaga - and more gaga than lady ;) I think you did really really well!! They all look like fascinating women altho top and bottom are a bit serious and I think no 2 should try to give up drinking - and none are nearly attractive enough to be the 'real' you :)

  2. It's the seriousness, I think, that makes the portrait you look older. Although it's hard to smile for the length of time it takes to draw, isn't it? Faces are hard, I suspect partly because it's harder to look and really see what we think we know so well already. I think these are great for first attempts and I'm jealous of your drawing class. ;)

  3. Love them all! I am such a fan of continual drawings, and the left-handed one is my favorite too! (I think you draw yourself wider than you appear in the picture, and you do *not* look old!) :)

  4. Thanks everyone... it's great to get your feedback :)

    Norma and Amy - yes they do looks a bit serious, don't they!!

    June - hmmm... I still have quite a bit of work to do on getting proportion right :)

  5. great job with the portraits, they must definitely be the hardest thing to draw!

    just wanted to let you know I awarded you the versatile blogger award and i hope you can accept (see my blog for details) :)

  6. it's so interesting learning the different techniques to get a drawing. i actually really like the left hander you did.

  7. You're beautiful Lamina! I love all four portraits - each has its own uniqueness about it. I actually really love how your LH continual drawing turned out. Are you naturally left handed?
    Ronnie xo


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