my creative space: birthday city

It has been birthday city around here lately and this week has been a crazy busy week! I have had to be super organised, though I was a little all over the place at first.. jumping from one thing to another and gibbering to myself "Arghhh... how am I going to get everything done!" but then I decided I better write a big list and worked through it one thing at a time! Hooray... so much better than being a muddled mess.... Love a good list!

Here are a few things from my list - yes there was a lot more but way too boring to blog about!

1. Baked a cake with "M" for pop's birthday... he love's helping with the icing and could wait to lick it - which he did... that part of the cake was his!

:: getting ready to give the cake
 a good licking!!

2. Screen printed a tea towel for my dear friend who is a LEGEND! It's her favourite word and she just loved it!


3. Screen printed a onsie for friend who has just had a little baby and a top for "M" - poor thing, I finally managed to make something for M :)

:: M adding to the traffic jam

4. Knitted a cute little bunny for friend's (same as above) daughter who is a big sister now. Knitted while watching "M" eat his meals... I love making these!
(knitting pattern from Petite Purls on Dolls and Daydreams little blog -  I've altered the pattern slightly to make it a bit bigger)

:: bunny bits

:: bunny together

5. Made lots of birthday cards with "M" for everything above and also for a few other gifts too! I love his little art work, I think I'm going to screen print one as a cushion!

:: a masterpiece

6. Cleaned the house! eeeerrrr hmmmm unfortunately that didn't get done... that is on tomorrow's to do list!

sorry... no photo's of  the messy house :)

Phew... I'm amazed I got so much done... now I can relax a bit... hooray!!

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. Oops - I forgot it was Thursday! :-P have been busy. Your knitted bunny is too cute, and as always, I just love your screen print designs. Take care x

  2. That knitted softie is so cute!
    Its going straight on my to do list :-)

  3. Just READING that 'have done' list made me feel tired ;) I don't know how you managed to do so many cute (and perfectly executed) projects in just one week!

  4. Sounds like a busy week :) Do you sell your the screen print clothing on etsy or anywhere? They look cute!

  5. My, you have been busy :)
    I love the screenprinting and the bunny is so adorable.


  6. it's looking really busy ~ well done getting through the list.
    nothing wrong with a bit of cake licking :)

  7. Thank you from my 'M' to your 'M' for the lovely card (and croc!). And that bunny is gorgeous!! Is it hard to do (she asks, sheepishly ;-) I'd love to try one.

  8. Wow! you have been busy!
    And that little bunny is the cutest : )

  9. The bunny and screenprinted tshirts are absolutely adorable!!

  10. Damn you certainly can work out a to-do list! I would be lucky to get all that done in a year!

    Love the screen printing and bunny! Great work!

  11. Wow you have been super busy! Love the bunny and the onsies!

  12. Wow fantastic, you have been busy!! love the little knitted bunny and your screen printing is fab!x

  13. I love that traffic jam screenprint... and what a adorable bunny.... so nice when you give handmade presents to friends and they adore them.... always gives me warm fuzzies

  14. awww everything in this blog post made me smile!! :)

  15. yay! I love those little knit softies :) your bunny is just too cute :)

  16. Hey there! That onsie is so darn cute!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog today and saying hello!


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