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There are a lot of birthdays around here this month, which means lots of creating... I love it!

It was my partners birthday on Tuesday, and I like to make something with my little M for his daddy, so I decided we would paint a mug for him (I accidentally broke his favourite mug a few weeks ago... whoops). It is also M's Pops birthday next week too, so I thought we would make him a mug as well!  I bought some Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint in green and blue and two plain porcelain mugs.

Firstly, I cleaned the mugs with methylated spirits, then let my little man loose with the paint! I am actually amazed we didn't get that messy! I wasn't happy with our first attempt as the paint went on too thick and started running down the mug all over the place! The great thing about this little project is you can wash it off and start again!

:: looking very sweet in the middle of
a painting frenzy

The second attempt went much better we used smaller brushes so there were less paint blobs everywhere on the mugs! We let them dry for 24 hours, then baked them in the oven for 35min at 150°C and then left them to cool down in the oven... so easy! The hard thing was keeping it a secret from my partner! I really love how they turned out and M's daddy loves his new favourite mug :)

:: M's art on mugs

We also baked a cake for daddy's birthday, which M loved helping with (forgot to take a photo of the complete mayhem in the kitchen... bummer!) We had so much fun and M especially loved decorating the cake.. which most of it ended up in his mouth :)

:: yummy cake decorations

:: M can't wait for daddy to get home!!

It was a great little birthday celebration, M even sang at bit of happy birthday to his daddy too... so cute! I love the fact that M is old enough now so we can create some special things together! It's just too much fun :)

Hope you have all had a wonderful creative week!
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  1. I love that mug painting idea. So personal. Well done :)

  2. fun!! the mugs are a great idea, and i bet they were loved :)

  3. What a great idea! You are such an inspired mama, lucky M! :-)

  4. What a fun idea for a gift...I think I will have to get our little one to do some for xmas :)


  5. the mugs are a great idea, and great for any age to have a go at it too, will have to keep it in mind!

  6. Such a precious thing to make and give. Love it!

  7. You'd better have your camera at the ready to capture the delight and surprise on Pop's face when he sees the masterpiece :)

  8. What a lovely idea for a gift, very clever, I bet he loves it:-)

  9. That's so awesome Lamina. You're such a cool wife and mum!
    Ronnie xo

  10. Thanks for all you lovely comments :)

  11. The mugs are great. Hmm... I have some plain white mugs here...

  12. What a great and fun idea!! So cute! I bet little M was so proud of his arty mugs!!


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