ehhh...hmmm... my to do list...?

Oh dear... I have been sadly neglecting my "to do" list quite well lately!!! I just haven't been able to get some things done at all (I still what to do them), because other little projects just keep popping up! So I'm going to change my list to what I am up to for the next few weeks, then I won't feel so bad not being able to complete things! I still have a massive "to do" list sitting on the fridge staring at me... SO much to do with so little time spare....Yikes!

This is my more achievable, short term "to do" list:

screen print
:: top for friend's little boy - I have a really cute design in mind
:: cushion covers - our lounge room really needs some colour to brighten it up

:: 2 skirts - I desperately need some clothes

:: scarf for me - 90 rows to go.. yay!
:: big wool scarf -  nearly finished - needs a fringe

:: 2 mugs for 2 birthdays - a painting project for my little boy

Hopefully I will be able to finish some of these soon!!


  1. At least you're brave enough to write one! I'm too afraid to make my (very long) list and have it staring me in the face :)

  2. I am never on top of my 'to do' list...constantly adding to it may be the reason. Goodluck ticking things off :)


  3. I have a 'projects' list on my phone/computer which I'm constantly updating and changing depending on how my time is going. Too often I plan like 10 projects in one month which is a bit ridiculous, so the 'running projects list' allows me to chop and change and be flexible! Can't wait to see all this come to life!
    Ronnie xo

  4. Sounds like a lot, but still very fun :)

  5. it can get overwhelming, but i like how you're breaking it down!
    but then where would we be without an enormous high-aiming to-do list!
    enjoy the warmth :)

  6. I believe in big bold goals!
    And it looks like you're breaking your creative to-do list and accomplish them all one by one!

    Hope you had a nice, warm weekend with some time to rest between your creations!! xx


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