drawing course: week 4

This week my drawing course wasn't very exciting I'm afraid! We learnt about perspective - vanishing points, two point perspective and one point perspective! It was quite interesting but I have to say my head really wasn't in this class.. it was somewhere else! I just couldn't concentrate at all, maybe it was all those straight lines!?

So we started of with two point perspective, drawing a street corner - quite a challenge to do all those buildings and windows using two vanishing points!

:: two point perspective on A2 paper 

Next - boxes were set up at the front of the class room to draw and find their vanishing points. We drew the top box first, then drew the rest and found each of their vanishing points. I quite like my boxes :)

:: boxes vanishing points on A2 paper

:: set up of boxes in classroom
Next - we used our classroom to draw our one point perspective. I didn't do this one quite right... it looks like I would have to be very, very tall or standing on a heap of boxes for that vanishing point (top dot in the middle of the page)... but I got the idea :)

:: one point perspective room on A2 paper

:: our classroom

I am really glad we did the perspective stuff.. it was quite interesting but I was relieved when it was over! :)

Next week is landscapes...


  1. I like perspective, but then, I also like straight lines. So nice and orderly. ;) I remember just being astonished at the jump--was it in the Renaissance?--from non-perspective paintings to those with perspective. Imagine figuring that out and implementing it and it being all brand new!! It still boggles me. So amazing what people figure out just by looking.

    I never got back to comment on the last post, but what a wonderful thing, to have a nearby Grandma to give you some crafting time.

  2. so jealous of the hard wood floor in your drawing.!

  3. Ugh. I'll have to do some self education an read something about perspective one day. I'm not looking forward to it.

    Your drawings look perfect, though!


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