birthday happiness

It was my birthday yesterday (Monday)... Woo Hoo and I am one lucky lady (I can't say lucky girl anymore...I'm a little bit old now)! I had such a wonderful day, lots of lovely birthday wishes, flowers, cards and best of all... I hang out with my little man! We went to play group in the park, we made a lemon and mandarin cake - he loved licking the lemon and eating the icing, he helped decorated it with strawberries and candles! He said happy birthday to me all day which was just beautiful! I don't think he really understands what it all means yet but knows it's a nice thing to say! I feel very lucky :)

:: yummy lemon and birthday cake
- taken with my new camera :)

I received such a fantastic birthday present this year... a Canon 550D camera! I was so excited!! It has been hiding under the bed for the last month! I've known it's been there and it's been totally killing me!!! Paxton's Photographic had a sale on about a month ago, Chris was working and we didn't want to miss out so I dashed into the city, bought it and then stashed under the bed for my birthday - sounds slightly crazy hey! Talk about torture though! Chris said why don't you just use it now! I said no way... I want to wait for my birthday... it just makes it more special! Man... I don't know how I did it! I now have it in my hot little hands and I am LOVING my new camera, but I have to learn how to use it now :)

:: me and my new baby - a new obsession!

I also received some birthday money from my gorgeous grandma and cousin (love them)! I have been dying to buy some lino cutting equipment and make some stamps, for ages - like I need to add something new to my "to do" list but I just can't help myself! I went to Art on King in Newtown where I have a reward card and they gave me $30 off my purchase!! I was so thrilled... anyone in the shop would have thought I had won the lotto :) I am so happy with my new toys, can't wait to get carving!

:: love my new toys

I feel like a very lucky duck!! But now I need to find some time to learn how to use my camera and make some stamps... hmmm I'm sure I can squish it into my day somewhere :)


  1. :) I am so happy your birthday was a special one. I can't wait to see all the amazing and beautiful things you are going to take photos of.

    I know nothing about making stamps! but have always wanted to learn.

  2. Happy Birthday! Lovely presents. Is that a digital SLR, then? I want one and don't know where to start. I learned on an SLR way back when but I've forgotten it all with years of digital point & shoot.

    I really like making stamps. Have fun!!

  3. Happy birthday to you! What fabulous presents--I'd be perfectly happy with them myself. :)

  4. A little bit late now, but: happy birthday! I really hope you had a fantastic birthday, and I wish you a lot of fun with that new camera of yours! I'm pretty sure you had some great expectations after waiting for it for so long ;) happy snapping!

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday! Many happy returns! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Happy birthday Lamina! Glad you had a great day and the camera looks fab. Birthdays are so much more fun with kids around, don't you think? x

  7. Save some cake for me! I can tell from the look on the little quality control officer's face that it's delicious :)

    Looking forward to some masterpieces coming out of that camera... looks like it was worth every penny.

  8. Thanks everyone for your very lovely comments :)

    amy - yep it is a digital SLR.. I have a lot to learn!

    Jo - I totally agree... birthdays are way more fun with littles ones around :)

    Norma - I will have to fight with the quality officer to save you a piece of cake :)

  9. happy birthday for monday!!
    you got such exciting presents and have to say your self control is amazing :)

  10. Happy Birthday!! What wonderful presents, lots of fun ahead with both of them.

  11. happy birthday to you! enjoy your new toys and i'm looking forward to seeing what you make with them :)

  12. Happy happy (belated) birthday dear one!!!!!
    Looks like you had a great day! You look so happy! And so so pretty!! I love this photo!
    Congrats on those dreamy presents! This camera is on my birthday wishlist as well!
    Have a fantastic birthday year! I'm sure you will!!! Hugs! xx

  13. So glad you had a lovely birthday. That's a fantastic gift you got yourself! I can't wait to see more photos from it :-) BTW you look beautiful.

  14. Thanks again :)
    Galit and Amber you guys are too kind... I think I took 100 photos before I got one that I was happy with :)
    Belinda - I have not idea how I managed to hold out that long either!!!

  15. I'm a bit late but happy birthday! My son shares your birthday, hence only just catching up with the weeks blogs. lol

    Love your pressies and self control!


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