watercolour course: week 5

It was a great night, everyone is very chatty and friendly... it's so nice to be around like minded, creative people!

This week... more drawing! I think I must have re-drawn every shape about 5 times! As soon as I fixed one thing then something else needed attention and so it went for most of the class! We were all eager to move on! Finally when Kerry (and I) was happy with my drawing, we moved onto the next step! Tracing, which we will use to trace the image onto the watercolour paper, which is a great idea as the tracing can be reused! Once we had trace our sketch of the still life, spotlights were put on the still life to create shadows, which we then added to our traced outline. Next week we will be getting back into watercolour painting... Yay...can't wait!

Still life sketch

Tracing of still life sketch and shadows

Still life set up with spot lights


  1. I love simple still life sketches like these. Especially love bottles and bowls and those kinds of shapes. Yay!

  2. You must be so keen to do the painting! At least you'll know you've done the prep really well. Love the simple shapes.

  3. Urgh, still lifes are not my thing... too technical. I guess that's because I'm always afraid I won't be able to live up to expectations. It's just so good to learn the basics though.
    wishing you lots of fun with the course. watercolor is an amazing medium!

  4. Looks like this is something that's WAY harder than one imagines.


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