inspiration: Geninne's Art Blog

I came across Geninne's Art Blog late last year and have been in awe ever since. I just love her work, especially the gorgeous little birds she creates and paints! The color combinations she uses are so beautiful and I love the attention to detail, they are all just amazing pictures.

Three Little Birds

I also love looking back through her blog and seeing how her style has developed over the years, it's so inspiring. It's great to see images of her process, from the drawings, to the different stages in painting. She was the one who has inspired me to do the watercolor painting course, especially after watching the watch me paint video on her site, I thought... I really would love to learn! I never ever thought I would be interested in watercolour!!! I always thought it was for pensioners.. how wrong was I :)  I love going to Geninne's site, it always make me happy to read her blog, see her artwork and lovely little birds :)

Big Bird


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post Lamina :)

  2. That's so funny! Watercolour is for pensioners! I've heard that watercolour is not taken as seriously as the other REAL forms of painting(eg oils), but I take no notice.

    As long as you have fun doing it, ANY type of art is valid.

    Off to look at more of your lovely blog.



  3. I can see why you love Geninne's work so much. Gorgeous colours with wonderful texture and depth.


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