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Note: Blogger has been playing up the last few days and deleted this post and the lovely comments I recieved (thank you everyone) Luckily I had a backup!

I am joining in on our creative spaces this week. I have been working on a design for my little boy M… he has some very boring tops that are crying/screaming out for some colour and cars! I really like the design so far…

  • scribbled some cute cars on paper
  • traced the ones that looked the best
  • coloured them in with a black felt tip pen
  • scanned them into Illustrator
  • made a few different patterns

I have lots of ideas of what to do with these funny little cars… can’t wait to screen print them :)


  1. Very cute Lumina! Can't wait to see how you use them. I must pick your brains about screen printing classes one day, if I may :-) And thanks for your lovely comment x

  2. What a fun design -- love it!

  3. Love those repetative patterns - they would make not just wondeful shirts but bedroom accessories also.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished products!



  4. These little cars are uber cute and like Cindy I'm immediately thinking decor fabric too, endless possibilities...

  5. Love these cars. Cant wait to see what you do with them.


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