screen printing: home sweet home

I have been itching to do some screen printing for the past week... I'm slightly addicted! My brother and his girlfriend are visiting from New York and I thought it would be nice to make them a little personalised screen printed tea towel... they absolutely loved it! I really love screen printing and making special things for family and friends, it always makes me happy to see them happy :)

mixing up some colour and screen printing in my sunny little kitchen

home sweet home :)


  1. How could they not be delighted with such a thoughtful personalised gift - and such perfect printing - yep, I clicked to enlarge just to check - altho of course it wasn't necessary cos you're such a perfectionist ;)

  2. This is just GORGEOUS! I'll put an order in!

    I'm sure they will be thrilled. Are you using the UV method?



  3. I noticed Blogger ate the comments from your last post :(

  4. Norma - Thank you! it's hard work being such a perfectionist :D

    Cindy - Thank you! I use stencils which I design and cut out myself, which can be a bit tricky sometimes, but also means I don't have 1,000 screens hanging around my little kitchen :)
    Yes I'm not happy with Blogger and the lose of the comments :( thank you for your lovely comment :)

  5. Wow - this looks fantastic! I've never screen printed before but am itching to give it a go. Love how neat you've done it, and at home too!

  6. LOVE it!! What a wonderful gift to give, heck I would love one. Nothing better then a gift made with love! xxxx


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