my creative space: cupcake screen print

I'm taking part in our creative space, where there are lots of great people doing their creative thing.

Today I'm working a screen print of a cupcake tea towel, requested by a family member for a little present. I haven't printed this one since xmas, which was a present for my cousin who is totally nuts about cupcakes. She loved it so much that she refused to dry the dishes with it! I love printing this design... it's lots of fun :)

cupcake stencil cut outs for screen printing

one I screen printed last year for my cousin

* Apologies for the photos, the lighting is terrible.. I really need to get a new camera!


  1. You are a very talented lady!

  2. Wow! Well done girl!! I love the happy colours you've chosen. I think it is such a pretty stencil, even printing it with just one colour (even light shade of grey as in the first photo) will be beautiful!!
    it's very inspiring to see your works here. I really want to get back to screen printing!!

  3. Oh i love screen printing...if only i didn't have too many hobbies already!!

  4. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments :)

    Galit - Thanks :) One colour would certainly make life a lot easier but I always seem to like a challenge!!

    Michelle - There are so many things I would love to do too... I just wish there were more hours in the day :)

  5. Your tea towel look great Lamina. I can see why your cousin loved it!

  6. Oh I've always been interested in screen printing. I love the little cupcake and the happy colors you used. :)

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the cupcake design, it's gorgeous.

  8. The very essence of sweetness and light....and lots of sugar!




  9. I sure your cousin loved this tea towel its AWESOME !!!!


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