watercolour course: week 3

We did a lot more experimenting this week! I went a bit crazy with the masking fluid - which stops the watercolour from going on the paper. I also spent quite a lot of time playing with salt - which soaks up the watercolour. I just loved the effects they created. I do need to work on my straight lines, it's quite hard to control paint, brush and water... water has a mind of it own! But it's ok to make a mess when one is experimenting!  It was so much fun I didn’t want the evening to end!
Here are a few of my experiments:

some of my experimental watercolour work

multi same colour layered wash from last week

layered coloured wash from last week

sprinkled salt effect

two coloured layered wash with sprinkled salt

masking fluid drops (the yellow shiny bits)
- still in progress

layered wash with spots of masking fluid
 - still in progress


  1. really makes me want to paint!! your experiments look great.
    have you read heather smith jones' book?

  2. Thanks Belinda - Painting is a lot of fun!I really want Heather Smith Jones' book... desperately!! I just realised she has a blog which I have now added to my blog love... love her work :)

  3. All the effects are really interesting but the salt ones are particularly fascinating, the first one is amazing. I'm going to have a play and see what it'll do to acrylic wash. Can't wait to see what you do next week!

  4. These are lovely ways to play - I bet you just wan to keep on experimenting non stop!

    Keep them all - you can use any scrap of paper and then recyle them into notecards, greeting cards, biz card backgrounds - all with that personal touch.

    SO glad that your are having FUN!



  5. Thanks Norma - I love the salt effect too :)

    Thanks Cindy - I will be keeping them you never know when they may be handy for other things hey :)

  6. i LOVE these. i can already see tops, skirts, dresses, scarves...

  7. I really want to start experimenting with watercolors, too. I use them for the basics, but I want to do so much more! Love seeing all your in progress bits!

  8. Beautiful colours and prints. Your love of what you are creating really shows


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