watercolour course: week 1

I love my watercolour course!! My classmates are a great bunch of people, some have done the course quite a few times, which says a lot about the course and the tutor "Kerry" who is really lovely!
We started off doing flat wash and then graded wash. I was really happy with my result... especially for my first time!

Then we moved onto overlapping circles... oh dear... circles are tricky!  Looks like I will be doing quite a bit of circle practice this week!

note to self: be patient and wait for watercolour to dry completely before doing more!!!
I can't wait for next week :)


  1. It's not often one can claim that 'going around in circles' is a legitimate activity :)

    That blue is gorgeous - I must get you to show me the graded wash technique - could be handy on a mini wall maybe.

    I've just been peeking at your 'pinterest' - oooh how I love that old cabinet with the worn worn worn turquise paint! And Holly Berry's blankets are so gorgeously colourful - I saw one on a blog somewhere in the last couple of days, interested to see you've 'pinned' her.

  2. Norma - I would be happy to show you the graded wash!! I thought you would love the old worn turqouise paint cabinet :) I love the colour combinations in the Holly Berry blankets.. YUM!

  3. I've done a few courses at this college over the years but haven't thought of doing one like this. You've inspired me!


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