a spot of screen printing and sewing

This week I have been busy making my little niece a cute little handmade doll for her birthday! I have been itching to make one from the hop skip jump pattern book for ages!

hop skip jump - Violet
:: Violet from hop skip jump pattern book

I decided to make Violet... I didn't have the right colour fabric for her body, so I screen printed it and I also decided to screen print some mary-jane shoes for her too! I love that I can do that... just screen print what I need :)

screen print
:: screen printed fabric for body and mary-jane shoes

handmade dolly pieces
:: putting her together

The pattern instructions were really easy and straight forward, I put her together in no time! I changed a few things like the position of her arms, added some plaits (red wool) and made a pleated skirt (fabric from Ikea). I think she looks SO cute! I wish I have made an extra one for me :)

handmade dolly - red
:: handmade doll finished

I also screen printed a little rainbow cloud t-shirt for my niece too.

screen print - rainbow cloud
:: screen printed - rainbow cloud t-shirt

I hope she loves her new handmade doll and screen printed t-shirt! It's so much fun making things for the little ones... I love it! :)


  1. Oh my goodness, that doll! I need one, too, if you're making extras! ;) I love the modifications you made, and love that you screen printed your own fabrics. Gorgeous!

  2. She's just adorable, Lamina! And I love her little screen printed mary janes - lovely touch.

  3. So clever! She is wearing a gorgeous skirt too.

  4. I absolutely adore Violet! I love all these stuffed animals and dolls you've showed us on this blog. They've sort of become your style, haven't they? I just wanted to let you know that I answered your question about the photo course here: http://librasmoments.blogspot.com/2012/01/no-picture-perfect.html#comment-form

    PS. Do you know when Our Creative Spaces starts this year?

  5. gorgeous! your such a busy inspiration for the new year:)! Happy healthy 2012 to you :)x

  6. She is gorgeous, packed full of personality, and looks more than a little like you! The little shoes are adorable, you've really stamped your own creativity on her in a big way.

    The t-shirt looks so nice too.

  7. I am sure your niece will be tickled pink, they are both gorgeous!

  8. I love the braids, er, plaits. :) Your personal touches make her all the better. I love making for the littles, too. My kids and their wishes and wants have always been inspiring!

  9. your doll is gorgeous! so nice that you can screen print anything you need! :)

  10. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments xxx :)

  11. Amazing awesomeness!!!

    You need to get Violet into a kit form and they will sell like hotcakes!

    Purple Cloud T-shirt...Print one in adult size and I'll buy it!!!!

  12. I meant to add : with your own pattern modifications of course!

  13. Beautiful doll Lamina! And I LOVE her skirt - can you make me one too? (ha ha!)

  14. I really wish you had an Etsy shop! that doll is just adorable. What a lucky little girl.

  15. Those are good screen print jobs, especially the little minute details on her dress. Great job.

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