**happy new year**

Wow... what a year it's been and it has gone so fast too, which doesn't surprise when I look back at what I have been up to! Phew.. I have been busy :)
It's been a big learning year for me... here are some of my favourite highlights of my creative year:

There was a lot of knitting and crocheting going on...

knitting and crochet
:: knitting and crochet

I did a lot of learning new things and relearning some old skills

:: watercolour and drawing course

There was quite a lot of screen printing and making things going on!

screen printing
:: screen printing and making things

I really enjoyed learning how to use my new camera... I'm still learning :)

I am really happy with all that I have achieved this year and I'm really looking forward to next years creative adventures :)

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!

See you next year!

Lamina xxx


  1. Looks like you've had a great year ... hope 2012 is just as good for you.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Lamina! It has been a pleasure to see you grow through this blog and to see more and more beautiful projects going on. I wish you a wonderful new year!

  3. have a great one ~ looking forward to seeing what you get up too :)

  4. What a great year! Here's to another good one!

  5. You've had an amazing year. I'm in awe of your growth as an artist and your innate talent. You make gorgeous things :-)

  6. Many blessings to you and yours for 2012! May many beautifl things come into being under your hands!



  7. Wow Lamina, you have been a busy bee, Happy New Year !!! I just love logging on to your blog and seeing what you've been up too. xx can't wait to see whats next xx

  8. Great work Lamina, can't wait to see what you get up to this year. Thanks for all the inspiration and advice in 2011 x


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