photography: assignment #1 "bad photos"

I am joining in on a little photography course (online) from Stanford University which the lovely Halina from moments of a libra found! It's a great course so far! I have completed assignment #1 "bad photos" which just means get creative with exposure, movement, blurring, white balance and composition... so not "bad" really!

I took over 400 photos... yikes!!! A LOT of trial and error, but I had lots of fun experimenting and discovering what I can and can't/shouldn't do with my camera... I learnt a lot! I do love to experiment! I had such a hard time choosing only five photos.. I was really please with what I've done! :)

So here are my five photos for assignment #1 "bad photos":

1 - under exposured
:: 1 - poorly exposed - sunlight shining through blinds behind a red curtain

2 - motion blur
:: 2 - motion blurred subject - sunlight shining through blinds behind a red curtain

3 - blurred
:: 3 - nothing in focus - trees and sky through mesh screen window

4 - wrong white balance
:: 4 - wrong white balance (shade) - bedroom ceiling light

5 - composition
:: 5 - poorly composed- travelling on a train

There are more photos from the group on flickr here! If you are interested in joining in, it's not too late as we are doing it at our own pace! There is more info over at Halina's blog here!

Hope you are having a great week... :)


  1. Beautiful photos, Lamina! Simply love them :D I'm very inspired.

  2. YAY! Sounds like such a great course, and your photos are really great to see too! Really look forward to seeing your adventures in photography! x K

  3. Oh, good for you! I've bookmarked that course page for sometime in the future. What a great resource!

  4. No no - " Amazingly Interesting" Photos. Fantastic textures in them, well done!

  5. For bad photos, they're pretty cool. :) Wish I had time for the class right now.

  6. It's incredible what you can produce that's supposedly a 'bad' photo - I just LOVE the red one.


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