crackers... yum!

I have been making lots of crackers lately... they are SO easy!! Warning... they are extremely moreish too! I got this great birdseed biscuit recipe from my lovely friend Jo from Bubala!

:: crackers with sesame seeds, poppy seed and cumin seeds

I had been meaning to make them for ages... so glad I did! I switched the butter for margarine (because of my cows milk allergy) and only put 1/2 tsp of salt. My little man loved helping and absolutely loves eating them too... bonus! I couldn't believe how easy it was.. needless to say we won't be buying crackers from the shop! Thanks Jo :)

Hope you are having a lovely Monday!


  1. These look absolutely delicious! Maybe you should try them with goat cheese When I get my own kitchen, I will make so much: crispbread, sourdough bread, biscuits, pancakes... Oh, I can't wait.

  2. You're most welcome Lamina! I love it when someone makes one of my recipes :-)

  3. I really need to make some more cheese crackers--I make them gluten free and they're so, so yummy. I never knew before how good homemade crackers were!

  4. Yummo! I saw someone make lavosh bread this week too.

    Must make more time for baking.....

  5. Ok, well, now I need to make some crackers.

  6. Woo hoo - you've been baking - I'll be over for a cuppa and crackers!


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