watercolour: dabbing, dripping and splattering

I found time to start two more projects from Water, Paper, Paint by Heather Smith Jones this week. I'm really enjoying working through this book.

Project 3: Dabbing with different materials

I love experimenting with different objects and materials to make different textures and patterns, so I'm really enjoying this little project...some things I used: the side of a vegemite lid - such a great effect, salt, masking fluid, paper towel, sponge, hair dying brush and of course brushes and watercolour paint.

I really love the colours and how it's looking so far (sorry the photo isn't that clear)... yep I still have more work to do! I have to be careful not to go too crazy or I may mess it up.... it's really hard but I must restrain myself!

Project 4: Dripping, blowing, splatting and squirting paint

It was great to explore these techniques, though this is not really my style but it was lots of fun.

I went a little crazy and it's a bit messy but love all the colours blending in together!  I got paint everywhere and the book got a bit of splattering too :)


  1. This is so inspiring. Great work! I grew up in a family of artists (painters mostly, though my mother is a writer and my dad a photographer on the side of his usual business). Lately I've been wanting to start painting, as it's the one trade I've never been able to get a handle on. I love the idea of this book, and thanks to you I think I'll go pick it up!

  2. What fun! I'm still working my way through another book and eyeing Water Paper Paint longingly. :)

  3. you go girl :) I am the worst at water colors.

  4. Ooh! Just couldn't wait to see your next watercolor adventure. This exercise seems so emancipating :)


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