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I find that I seem to need a specific little project like birthdays, to get me motivated to create designs! I get excited creating something special for someone, so I'm always happy when there are birthdays or special occasions on the horizon which there are quite a few coming up!

Yesterday, I screen printed two tops for a couple of friends little boys!  I have been dabbling with this car scribble design on and off for a while now and came up with "traffic jam"!  It has only three colours, which for me is easy peasy... usually I have loads more! I just can't do one colour!

I am so happy with how it turned out and the screen printing went smoothly with no hiccups!  I was a little worried with how the colours were going to look on the blue top but I think it looks really great.. phew!!! I can't wait to give them to my friends :)

:: 2 little traffic jams completed :)

Here is a little of my process:
Tuesday - I had pretty much finished this design a while ago, I just had to tweak it a bit!  Most of it is hand drawn, scanned and then put into Adobe Illustrator.  The cars do look a little wobbly, I didn't have time to adjust them so I fixed them when I cut the stencils out.

I cut out the three stencils, one for each colour, while I was watching my son eat his lunch, which can take a long time! I always like to do something constructive in that time!
ps: don't worry the craft knife was well away from my little boys, curious fingers :)

:: stencil cutting and a very mangled Vegemite sandwich
 in top left hand corner :)

Most people draw or trace the design onto the stencil paper and then cut it out. I like to print out the design onto paper, then tape it onto the stencil paper and cut directly through both paper and stencil paper, using a very sharp craft knife. I find this way more accurate and much faster! I really wish I could print directly onto the easycut stencil paper but unfortunately it doesn't work! If anyone has any other ideas/suggestions on this.. please let me know :)

:: three stencils for three colours

Wednesday morning - Mixed up all the paint colours needed and then screen printed the first colour, all before breakfast at 7am.

:: a very old screen

I screen printed second colour after a long breakfast with my little boy and the first colour was dry.

:: second colour done

Then after some vigorous jumping (not me) on the bed and pretending to be lions with my little boy, I screen printed the third colour. I'm always really nervous when doing the last colour... there is a lot of finger crossing and hoping nothing goes wrong!! Luckily it was all fine :)

:: third screen printed colour - completed... Yay!!

Hope you all have had great creative week :)
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  1. So cute!!! and very well done!
    I love the wobbly cars! :)

    P.S. Can't wait to see the tea towels you're working on!!!

  2. aww it looks great.
    so cool that you used 3 colours. makes me want to learn more about screen printing :)

  3. they turned out awesome! have a super rest of the week!

  4. Those are awesome. Great graphic and fabulous screen printing skillz!

  5. oh this is beyond cute! I envy your ability to screen print, its on my to do list before I die lol, soon enough I'll get around to learning!
    thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog today, was much appreciated!
    xx Courtney
    Little Raven Ink

  6. They look fantastic! Such a great design too :) Kx

  7. What a great design & the most awesome way to fill in that time during kiddies munchies!

  8. That design is super!! I would love to be able to screenprint.


  9. These look fantastic Lumina, great layout, colour and printing - I'm sure your friends will be thrilled.

  10. Lamina, you screenprinting dynamo! They look fab! I love the blue one, those colours work great together. And your rainbow rain ones are super sweet. You might have to do some workshops. : )

    ps. So great to see your Water Paper Paint project posts and hear about your discoveries. It's great fun isn't it!

  11. As always, I absolutely adore your screen printing project, and am so envious of your screen printing skill. Love the cars!

  12. I love it! So cool. I would love to try screen printing - the creative freedom is great. Lovely blog you have.

  13. great job on the shirts, they look awesome!!! thanks for sharing the process too :)

  14. aren't you a clever cookie! I love them.

    I have wanted to give screen printing ago for a while! You have just inspired me to check it out a bit more.

  15. They look great! Love the design and the end result.

  16. These are wonderful! And I hear you on the long mealtimes! My kids eat and eat and eat. :)

  17. Thank you everyone for your very lovely, lovely comments **blush** :)

  18. Gorgeous! I'm feeling really inspired having just received a screen printing kit myself. Might be checking out your blog a bit more :)

  19. Hey Lamina

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely message. I have just checked out your blog and i love it- you are doing some really great things. I love the screen printing and I will have to find this water color book :-) looks great. Happy birthday for next month- you will love your 550D. How exciting.

    Ruby-Robin ox

  20. Nicely done! It does definitely help to have a reason for creating sometimes.

  21. I really like your traffic jam design - very apppropriate for Sydney!!

  22. Oh, I love this Lamina! this would make a lovely print for the walls as well, I reckon.
    Ronnie xo


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