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I really love Heather Smith Jones' work and just had to get her book "Water, Paper, Paint"! I was so excited when I got the it in the post last week! I have been drooling over the pages for days! Such a beautiful little book with lots of information about watercolour painting, brushes, paint etc. The book is full of interesting projects to do which allows you to explore your creativity! I love the fact that it's totally hands on learning!

Since my watercolour course has now finished, I'm going to complete a project from the book each week. I have started with Project 2 - working wet onto dry!

It's a very interesting little exercise... you may think painting coloured squares is easy but it really makes you think about placement, size, colours/hues, techniques and it's also really good practice in painting straight lines with watercolour too - a tricky, uncontrolable little beast at times!

time: around 8pm... just getting into it!

I got a little carried away on Saturday night... yes I was at home painting (and loving it) and I was up until 1am painting...ouch!! I had no idea what the time was as I was so engrossed in the project... I had to finish the first layer, which I think turned really well! The next step will be layer number two with stronger hues! I can't wait to do some more this week... it's just too much fun :)

time: around 1am... finished the first layer!
my eyes were a bit blurry and so is the photo :)

Heather Smith Jones has a little blog and a website of her wonderful work... very inspiring!!


  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying watercolor, your work looks great! And thank you Lamina for sharing your work and my book with others.

  2. It's a gorgeous book. I have done the first exercise, with the circles, and am moving on to this one with the squares next. I think your first layer looks great!

  3. Looks like a great book, and I can totally understand you staying up late to finish - art is addictive!

  4. You've definitely got the water colour bug!

  5. Our work looks great, love the soft colors! and love the book two, have one to call my own too;)


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  7. Ooh! I want this book so bad. Your paintings are so smooth and free of watermarks - I'm impressed every time. I've been lately very frustrated with watercolors and I'm taking a break with the GYPO course and diving into acrylics instead (as you probably know). I think that is better for us beginners to start with, since it's so easy to mess up a watercolor painting!

  8. Don't you love this book!!!!
    I just bought it and am dying to start the exercises!!!

  9. Ooh, I'm currently waiting for this book to arrive in my letterbox. It looks great. Thanks for sharing your projects.
    Have a gorgeous day.


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